Smart metering home applications

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Smart systems with sensors

by n.n.
Supervisor(s) Josef.Noll, Helge.Godø
Due date 2013/05/31
Status Planned
Problem description:
Methods and Tools:
Time schedule
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Keywords smart house, smart metering, home applications, decision making

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Smart Home with advanced sensors measuring power

  • all houses in Norway will have smart metering capabilities by 2016, allowing for 1/15min monitoring of power consumption
  • the main power consumers (in the home) will get steering control for on/off - delayed start


  • business model
  • recommender system


  • comparison of smart home systems and standards
  • introduction into the power prices in NorPool (Nordic Power Market) - for following the power prices
  • identification of major power consumers in the home
  • establish a model for "power consumption" of users in a home -
  • a business for (a) house owners: energy variation of houses and (b) power providers: savings due to smart home monitoring
    • delayed start of heat pump by 15 min, 30 min, 1h 3h


  • Akershus Energi (through Helge Godø)
  • NextGenTel (Bergen)
  • Lyse Tele (Stavanger)
  • SimLink (TRondheim) - SIM card with WLAN beacon for home appliances