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'''Finished projects:'''
 Titleled by:supported by:
PhD DSO SecurityMeasurable Security for DSO services on the Smart GridManish ShresthaNFR
CystinetAndrea WinklerBMBF
PhD-Managed WifiManaged Wifi for Application-specific RoutingMaghsoud MorshediNFR
DigINon-discriminating Access for Digital InclusionJosef NollNFR
SCOTTSecure COnnected Trustable Things (ECSEL-IA 737422)Michael KaernerNFR
IoTSecSecurity in IoT for Smart GridsJosef NollNFR
HearingCareA new hearing care service in TanzaniaTone ØderudNFR
RELIGHTProDHP: Digital Health Promotion for the Centre for Global HealthChristine HolstUiO
NGINONext Generation Internet - Norwegian ParticipationVilija Balionyte-MerleNFR
SchoolConnectivity KE 2021School Connectivity with [[AHERI]] and [[DENT Wireless]] in 2021Josef NollDENT Wireless
ENDRISKEquitable, Novel, Digitally supported Research Interventions for Sustainable Knowledge – via Understandable, Unbiased and Utilized information to manage poverty-related diseases in Sub-Saharan AfricaAnne MoenHorizon Europe
RotaryKnowledgePortalRotary Knowledge Portal - Trustable Information for Opening OpportunitiesCarlos Rodriguez ArrietaOwn
Trygt SvangerskapTrygt Svangerskap/Reducing Violence in PregnancyMirjam LukasseNFR
OneWeb KjellerOneWeb testing at KjellerEmmanuel RyggFFI
Digitalisering VGSJosef NollOwn
DigiSudanStudent Access for Universities in SudanWisam Ahmed MansourOwn
School Connectivity TZFeasibility of sustainable School Connectivity in TanzaniaCatherine R. KimamboOwn
ExcelSmartExceeding Learning through Strategic Mobility and Academic PartnershipJeanette H. MagnusDIKU
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