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Evaluation criteria

Your presentation is expected to last for 25 minutes, you will be stopped at 26:00. That means you need to identify the key messages of the selected paper. There is penalty for both being too short and for being too long. You will get questions about your paper and your presentation. One block of presentation and questions will approximately take 30 min.

Your presentation will be evaluated with respect to the following criteria:

Knowledge and Overview over topics in the paper

  • what is the paper about, which specific aspects are addressed?

Identification of key findings of the paper:

  • why are the findings key findings, to what extend are they different from the state-of-knowledge?
  • what are the strengths/weaknesses of the approaches being mentioned

Scientifically precise presentation

  • Be precise in your formulations, avoid story telling.
  • Use numbers where appropriate, e.g. 20% more instead of much more

Evaluation of the paper

  • what is your take on the paper? Criticism, own thoughts,...


  • clear structure, clear and concise slides
  • Provide examples, and respect the time

The quality of your presentation will weigh 20% of your final grade.

List of papers for TEK5530

Attached is a list of papers, from whom you may select one to be presented later in the course. Alternatively, select an academic paper of your choice. We suggest to start with SemanticScholar.org, Google Scholar or Microsoft Academics. Read more on: Guide on how to search for Literature

List of Papers 2024

IoT Security Metrics, a set of measurable security indicators for assessing the security of IoT devices and systems.

1) "Firmware is a crucial component of an electronic system.", "Based on the review at the end we proposed a combination of static and dynamic analysis methods to detect Authentication Bypass Firmware Vulnerability in IoT and Embedded systems."
Saimon Hemram et al. (2022), "Firmware Vulerability Detection in Embedded Systesm and the Internet of Things" https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Firmware-Vulnerability-Detection-in-Embedded-and-of-Hemram-Kathrine/e335c9d772157c3b493edbcd34835b7d58d62218
2) "The results indicate how the security vulnerability identification helps in prioritizing business decisions by vulnerabilities quantification.", "The research work deals with the identification and mitigation ofthesecurity vulnerabilities by an intelligent and smart software vendor, which enumerates common vulnerabilities in its database and provides the possible solution for mitigating the same."
Vinita Malik & Sukhdip Singh (2019), Security risk management in IoT environment, https://doi.org/10.1080/09720529.2019.1642628
3) "We propose augmenting secure boot with a mechanism to protect against compromises to field-upgradeable devices.", "In particular, secure boot standards should verify the firmware of all devices in the computer, not just devices that are accessible by the host CPU."
James Hendricks & L. V. Doorn (2004), Secure bootstrap is not enough: shoring up the trusted computing base, https://doi.org/10.1145/1133572.1133600
4) "Not exclusively is the proposed framework model taking out conceivable security weaknesses, it additionally can be utilized alongside the best security strategies to countermeasure the cyber security dangers confronting every single unit of IOT.", "The proposed protocol actualized security certificates to permit information move between nodes of the proposed IOT model."
Sanaa. S. Abd El dayem (2021), SECURITY For INTERNET OF THINGS-IOT, https://doi.org/10.1109/iemcon53756.2021.9623184 - applicability?
Niklas - 5) "In this work, we aimed to investigate security of IoT devices through performing automatic penetration test on IoT devices.", "We have (1) investigated how such models can be applied for performing autonomous IoT penetration testing."
Fartein Lemjan Færøy et al. (2023), Automatic Verification and Execution of Cyber Attack on IoT Devices, https://doi.org/10.3390/s23020733
Andreas - 6) "Penetration testing is generally used to identify the vulnerabilities/ possible attacks on traditional systems periodically.", "A timely fix of these vulnerabilities can avoid future attacks."
Geeta Yadav et al. (2020), IoT-PEN: A Penetration Testing Framework for IoT, https://doi.org/10.1109/ICOIN48656.2020.9016445

Machine learning algorithm performance in IoT security, evaluation of machine learning algorithms, including Random Forest, for securing IoT.

Jonas - 7) Further the utilization of machine learning algorithms like Decision Tree, Random Forest, and ANN tests have resulted in an accuracy of 99.4%.", "Accuracy, precision, recall, f1 score, and area under the Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve are the assessment metrics utilized to compare the performance of the existing techniques.
Joel et al. (2023) https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/An-Analysis-of-Security-Challenges-in-Internet-of-Joel-Manikandan/50041a6d870091c6901a7ff306235d16f00f2947

IoT Security Measures, a collection of security measures and mechanisms for ensuring the security of the Internet of Things ecosystem

Morten - 8) "Protecting data during network transit is also very important concern in the measures.", "This study defines security requirements and challenges that are common in IoT and their solutions, ranging from simple things like authentication to trust management."
S. Lee et al. (2018), Security and Privacy Measures on Data Mining for Internet of Things, https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Security-and-Privacy-Measures-on-Data-Mining-for-of-Lee-Vallent/32a7c88fbfda4e6daaf1f1d4200f8eef10ba6069
9) "Therefore, secured IoT applies equally to: (i) IoT device-to-device communication, (ii) IoT sensing/actuating, and (iii) IoT information exchange.", "In this context, ensuring security during ‘thing’ operation and information exchange becomes a critical task."
IOAN TUDOSA et al. (2019), Hardware Security in IoT era: the Role of Measurements and Instrumentation, https://doi.org/10.1109/METROI4.2019.8792895
10) "In addition to these, we extensively analyze the intrusion detection and mitigation mechanisms proposed for IoT and evaluate them from various points of view.", "We review the characteristics of IoT environments, cryptography-based security mechanisms and D/DoS attacks targeting IoT networks."
Ahmet Aris et al. (2018), Security of Internet of Things for a Reliable Internet of Services, https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-90415-3_13

List of Papers 2021

1) Fari Assaderaghi et al., "Privacy and Security: Key Requirements for Sustainable IoT Growth"
2) Anna Sojka-Piotrowska, Peter Langendörfer, Shortening the security parameters in lightweight WSN applications for IoT - lessons learned
3) Botir Usmonov et al., "The cybersecurity in development of IoT embedded technologies"
4) Joseph - Mohammad Irshad, A Systematic Review of Information Security Frameworks in the Internet of Things
5) Thales L. von Sperling et al., "Tracking intruders in IoT networks by means of DNS traffic analysis"
6) Tore - Radek Krejci et al., "Security survey of the IoT wireless protocols"
7) Markus Endler et al., "An approach for secure edge computing in the Internet of Things"
8) Markus - Mohammed Rebbah et al., "Intrusion detection in Cloud Internet of Things environment"
9) Partha Pratim Ray, "A Survey of IoT Cloud Platforms"
10) Paul Thomas - Arbia Riahi Sfar et al., "A Roadmap for Security Challenges in the Internet of Things"
11) Julie - R Gurunath et al., "An Overview: Security Issue in IoT Network"
12) Tran Anh Khoa et al., "Designing Efficient Smart Home Management with IoT Smart Lighting: A Case Study"
13) Rim Marah et al., "Security of Smart Grid Management of Smart Meter Protection"
14) Yuvaraj S Patil et al., "EGSP: Enhanced Grid Sensor Placement Algorithm for Energy Theft Detection in Smart Grids"
15) Liping Chen et al., "Cloud Service Risk in the Smart Grid"
16) Connecting the Island of Utsira with Island control

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