Trusted Secure Service Design


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Trusted Secure Service Design

by Thomas.Carlyle
Supervisor(s) Kjetil.Haslum, Steinar.Brede, Josef.Noll, Øivind.Kure, Karin.Sallhammar, Peter.Sjödin
Due date 2009/06/15
Status Finished
Problem description: The SIM cards are going through several new enhancements both in the underlying hardware and its capabilities. They are becoming secure wireless networked devices containing embedded sensors. This thesis assess how this new SIM capabilities together with its pervasiveness and security can support the development and design of trust-based applications. It reviews the new trust possibilities based on the identity factor, connectivity and context-awareness sensors on the SIM. Moreover, we present a specific use-case around a seamless trust builder for social networks, which makes use of sensed inputs towards building hard contextual evidences to trust relations. We conclude with the description of the challenges of building this evidence based trust-builder and the necessary steps to going from the prototype we developed to a real application which may accurately describe trust relations.
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Keywords SIM, trust, networked embedded systems, pervasive computing, Sun SPOT, identity management, social networks, context-awareness
Depiction File:ThesisTrustedService.pdf

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Thomas has published the paper:

  • Thomas Vilarinho, Kjetil Haslum, and Josef Noll, "Advanced SIM capabilities supporting Trust-based applications", The 14th Nordic Conference on Secure IT Systems, Oct 2009, Oslo, Norway

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