UNIK4700:Block Seminar

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UNIK4700:Block Seminar

Course UNIK4700, UNIK9700
Title Block Seminar
Lecture date 2012/10/30 - 1 November 2013
presented by Josef Noll, Johan Tresvig, Susana Rodriguez de Novoa, Ali Zaher, Joachim Tingvold
Objective Radio network planning and handover
  • work together on the programming framework for radio propagation and handover evaluation
  • achieve typical results for mobile and wireless handover

Hands-on experience for WLAN

  • get hands-on experience in 802.11b,g propagation and attenuation
  • design and testing av 2.45 GHz antennas for satellite antennas
Learning outcomes Having followed this block seminar, you will
  • have gained an understanding of typical cell/coverage sizes in mobile and wireless systems
  • have an understanding on how cell size and cell dimensions affect handover
  • know typical attenuation values for walls, doors, a human body and other obstactles in the 2.45 GHz band
  • know where to place antennas for an indoor coverage
Pensum (read before) Create your programming modules, as assigned by Susana
References (further info)
Keywords Wifi, Handover, range, frequency, Cell Coverage, Indoor coverage

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Schedule & Venue


Thursday 08.11.2012 11:00h - Friday 09.11.2012 14:00h. The block seminar takes place at UNIK. "how to reach UNIK" -> http://www.unik.no/Details.asp?mn=Reisebeskrivelse&mid=86

  • Start: 11:00h on 8. Nov
  • Pizza around 16:30h
  • finish aroung 18:30h
  • 09:00 on 9. Nov
  • finish around 14:00h


all class members (10 people), see: UNIK4700H12Participants



Programming handover times in moblle networks

  • cell ranges, overlap, speed
  • attenuation and cell propagation models
  • programming handovers

Hands-on 2.4 GHz WLAN coverage design

  • measure WLAN antennas
  • typical attenuation of walls, doors, ....

Mobility in the Internet and Mobile Networks

  • handover in GSM/UMTS
  • low latency handovers in mobile networks (HSPA, LTE)
  • the challenges of TCP/IP in mobile environments
  • Mobility, Mobile IP, Mobile IPv6

Thursday 8. Nov 2012

Room 308b

  • 0900-1100 free talks with Josef
  • 1100 - lunch
  • 1200 Programming the handovers framework
  • 1400 WLAN configuration
  • 1630 Pizza
  • 1700 programming until we see results :-)

Friday, 9. Nov 2012

Room 301

  • 0900 Results from programming: overview on statistics on handover
  • 1030 Summary - Assignments for writing chapters on mobile
  • 1100 lunch
  • 1200 Intro to Mobilit(?)
  • 1300 Assignment for Mobility
  • 1500 End of block seminar

Seminar Wiki


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