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Suggestions for Group Work

The main goal for your project work is to analyse an application scenario with respect to security and privacy. Thus,

1. establish the application goals with respect to security and privacy
2. have a system in mind that delivers the expected applications
3. sub-divide the system into sub-systems and components
4. identify the security and privacy functionalities in your sub-system(s) and components.
5. analyse the system or a sub-system using the multi-metrics method
5.1 establish metrics for your s,p-attributes
5.2 define the weight for the specific s,p-attributes of your components/resp. sub-system
5.3 perform the multi-metrics analysis (calculation)
6. compare the outcome of the system analysis s,psystem with your application goals s,pgoals
7. evaluate your results, e.g. by identifying components/functionalities which influence your system
8. suggest further work, and provide reasons for those suggestions

Evaluation criteria for Group Work

The results of your work should be presented during the last lecture, and a short report (max 12 pages) has to be established. The report can be separate, or can just be a description of what is on you slides.

Your presentation is expected to last for 25-35 min. Your presentation will be evaluated with respect to the following criteria:

Application scenario/Use case

  • To what extend does the application scenario address security and privacy?

Identification of s,p-functionalities in the sub-system(s) and components

  • which are the s,p-goals you want to address, which security attributes do they need?
  • which s,p-functionalities can be provided to address the s,p-goals?

Suitability of metrics and weighting

  • to what extend are the identified metrics addressing the s,p-functionalies?
  • how good is the choice of parameters for the metrics justified?
  • to what degree is the weighting appropriate?

Multi-metrics analysis and evaluation

  • is the outcome of the multi-metrics analysis sound?"
  • do the system parameters s,psystem identify the system properly?
  • does the multi-metrics analysis provide knowledge for a system engineer?

Critical review and future work

  • are the critics well reasoned?
  • do what degree is the future work addressing shortcomings?