USAID-last mile connectivity Apr2020

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USAID-last mile connectivity Apr2020

Title USAID-last mile connectivity Apr2020
Place Webex
Date, Time 2020/04/23, 1600-1800
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Josef.Noll
related to Project BasicInternet, DigI
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Barriers to investing in last-mile connectivity - USAid -

Notes during the Webinar

  • "Girls in ICT" day - Digital Divide hits especially girls, because "boys have the toys". What about the Freemium model for access
  • Free for "basic information", premium for broadband. What are the hinders for such a freemium model?
  • COVID-19 is an excellent example for the need for the freemium model, and bringing non-profit information out to everyone in the society
A: thanks Josef, those are really interesting points, and we'll address some of them in one of the breakout sessions following this discussion, in which we'll talk about challenges faced with different business and commercialization models
  • if you ask an operator in Tanzania for delivery of 4 Mbps - you get an offer on 600 USD/month - kills every business model
For those who are interested, the Moonshot Report that Sonia referenced is available here:
A: and the upcoming report they are working on with ITU is in the context of the G20 Digital Economy Task Force and will be available in July