University Collaboration: Uni Queensland Mar2021

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University Collaboration: Uni Queensland Mar2021

Title University Collaboration: Uni Queensland Mar2021
Date, Time 2021/03/11, 0800-0900
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Josef.Noll, Amelia Radke, Ryan Ko
related to Project BasicInternet
Keywords Human Rights, Digital Health Promotion, National Knowledge Portal
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Purpose of the meeting

  • follow-up and define next steps for University Collaboration
  • identify topics for collaboration
  • Next steps for University Collaboration


  • Establish a common space to share topics of interest
  • Establish white papers on selected topics
  • Ensure that we fit the target, i.e. for who are we writing for?

see: List of Topics for University Collaboration

Topics for University Collaboration on Digital Inclusion, please add topics to


Discussion on Topics

Human rights act - and human rights in the digital age

Human Rights in the Digital Age

  • SDG 16.10 access to information, including free access to non-profitable services such as health (SDG 3) and education (SDG 4)
  • Digital Health Promotion (DHP), see also discussion on how to create health videos/animations RELIGHT_Workshop_Dec2020
  • Example: Yeboo Health Portal for Tanzania, Addressing health portal in Africa how did digital health come into the picture, and what to bring under digital health SDG 16.10 informatin
  • Centre for Global Health at UiO, focus on Digital Global Health:

National Knowledge Portal - and architecture for digital services of governments,

  • In the Nordics (Norway, Sweden, Estonia,…) we work on a (governmental) Digital Assistant, as a pro-active service for inhabitants