Update UNICEF RW - Basic Internet Oct2021

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Update UNICEF RW - Basic Internet Oct2021

Title Update UNICEF RW - Basic Internet Oct2021
Place Zoom.us
Date, Time 2021/10/13, 0900-1000
Contact Person Josef Noll
Participants Josef.Noll, Davy Nshuti, Jonathan Muringani
related to Project School Connectivity TZ, SchoolConnectivity KE 2021, BasicInternet, NGINO
Keywords Halotel School Connectivity
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Follow-up on earlier meetings and define the common way forward.

Action Items

AI-1: Jonathan and Davy to create a one-pager as invitation to Starlink for Rwanda become pilot for School Connectivity, extending the exisiting work

  • 63 schools connected
  • Rwanda Education board - elearning platform

AI-2: Josef to invite Davy to the AHERI "Partnerships to Support Innovation in Higher Education" on 3Nov2021 https://aheri.org/events/aheri-2021-conference/

AI-3: Josef to share Information on Fixed-Wireless-Access (FWA) through the mobile network

  • Kenya: Trial with Safaricom for 5 Mbps for school connectivity
  • Norway: offering 10, 20, 50, 100, 300, 500 Mbps through FWA on 4G/5G networks, price from 50 € (10 Mbps) to 140 € (500 Mbps)

AI-4: Follow up on Competence Platform for Education (EduStack)

Next steps

Next meeting 27Oct2021 at 0900