ZTE MF823 03

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Class Modem
Type ZTE
Model MF823
purchase date 2015
Identifier (Mac address, IP, phone) IMEI 8669480 17958144
DeviceIdentity (for remote monitoring)
related to Project TrygtSvangerskap
Located at Rælingen helsestasjon Alna Helsestasjon
Contact person:
Contains Telenor Privat-S.DataSIM 02
ZTE MF823 03.jpg

Works with Mikrotik, belongs to Mikrotik Router RB951Ui-2HnD 03. Has SIM 08947080038002665294, contains Telenor Privat-S.DataSIM 02

Tested with RB951Ui-2HnD and RouterOS version 6.27.


  • until Jan2020 Telenor SIM 89470000150417004928


The configuration, compared to Huawei E173 (3G Modem), is different. This one creates a new interface under LTE section. It needs to set up DHCP client for the interface together with default route.