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Title Configuration page for options
Type change request
Severity 2-major
Keywords config file
Date (expected, solved,...)
Expected Version v4.0
Status New
Summary (1-2 lines): InnoBors.config file allows for setting options for
  • language settings (concentrate on english language first)
  • crowdfunding option (on/off)
Test Procedure: Use the config file to change parameters, and see the effect

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InnoBors is currently an ownstanding product, but will in the future be whitelabeled (outsourced to Sweden....). We therefore need an option to set paramters onto which features we would like to "configure" (or sell).

We don't need the config file now, but some of the features like "Crowdfunding" should come as a "if (crowdfunding), then...." Thus I would suggest that you introduce the "options", but leave the config file for later developments (up to you).

Example: An white label for companies does not need "invested money", når "crowdfunding". Thus these options should be able to be set in a config file.


The config file .... should configure which elements should be taken into consideration when building up the InnoBors.

Should the config file be an "admin page" or an "own file"?
Should be a file, which we can configure prior to sending out the software... (or do you have other ideas?)