BG:Donate to InnoBors

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Title Donate to InnoBors
Type functionality
Severity 4-enhancement
Keywords Donate, SMS
Date (expected, solved,...) 2012/12/15
Expected Version v4.1
Status Deferred
Summary (1-2 lines): Use payment methods to generate Donation for Movation
Test Procedure: donate 10 kr through SMS, and 1 kr through Payment

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use the example from:


  • SMS gateway (with Noom?)
    • take over 2233 number (50/50% sharing of costs, 5000 NOK/mnd)
    • SW development for "support" or "støtt".
  • Payment through Visa
    • use existing mechanisms


design comes from Robert

first page

add "support" function on first page MainPage-Donate.png

Create a donate page "similar" to the Civita support page File:DonateOverview-page.png