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4-enhancement related bug/change requests

AP monitoring through MikrotikAP monitoring through MikrotikFunctionality4-enhancementOpen
BG:Change request3-normalSolved
BG:Admin to change titel of an idea01Admin to change titel of an ideaChange request1-urgentSolved&Tested
BG:Analysis of status of companies and support functionsAnalysis of status of companies and support functionsFunctionality99-not decidedNew
BG:Change according to attache file in Crowdfunding textChange according to attache file in Crowdfunding textChange request2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:Change user rights from 'user' to 'admin' failsChange user rights from 'user' to 'admin' failsBug1-urgentSolved&Tested
BG:Click on Crowdfunding takes you directly to JegVilBidra pageClick on Crowdfunding takes you directly to JegVilBidra pageFunctionality3-normalSolved&Tested
BG:Click på side 2 shall create login01Click på side 2 shall create loginChange request2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:Company name and add companyCompany name and add companyBug3-normalSolved&Tested
BG:Configuration page for optionsConfiguration page for optionsChange request2-majorNew
BG:Correct cut, copy and paste both in Idea-User and in AdminCorrect cut, copy and paste both in Idea-User and in AdminBug1-urgentSolved&Tested
BG:Correct introduction text for gründerCorrect introduction text for gründerChange request4-enhancementSolved&Tested
BG:CrowdfundingCrowdfundingChange request2-majorSolved
BG:Crowdfunding: Admin rights in Idea ManagementCrowdfunding: Admin rights in Idea ManagementChange request2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:Design for 810px iFrameDesign for 810px iFrameLayout3-normalSolved
BG:Design-update of page 1Design-update of page 1Change request1-urgentSolved&Tested
BG:Donate to InnoBorsDonate to InnoBorsFunctionality4-enhancementDeferred
BG:Easy login procedure01Easy login procedureChange request2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:Edit an idea - not allow to do editingEdit an idea - not allow to do editingBug1-urgentSolved&Tested
BG:Edit of pages gives javascript error messageEdit of pages gives javascript error messageBug3-normalSolved&Tested
BG:FAQ - frequently asked questions01FAQ - frequently asked questionsFunctionality5-next releaseDeferred
BG:Facebook and Google LoginFacebook and Google LoginFunctionality4-enhancementSolved&Tested
BG:Facebook pageFacebook pageChange request3-normalAnswer
BG:Feeback messages for login and passwordFeeback messages for login and passwordChange request2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:Feedback to InnoBors01Feedback to InnoBorsFunctionality3-normalSolved
BG:Forgotten password - use email addressForgotten password - use email addressChange request1-urgentSolved
BG:Go backward in User ManagementGo backward in User ManagementBug2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:Header layout for InnoBors01Stock Exchange layout for InnoBorsLayout2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:Idea CreationIdea CreationChange request2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:Idea description text lost formattingIdea description text lost formattingBug
BG:Idea management using OData-01Idea representation using O-DataFunctionality5-next releaseNew
BG:Idea page for social mediaIdea page for social mediaChange request4-enhancementSolved
BG:Idea re-listing after 12 monthsIdea re-listing after 12 monthsChange request4-enhancementDeferred
BG:InnoBors on Opera SoftwareInnoBors on Opera SoftwarewBug1-urgentSolved&Tested
BG:Invite Idea MembersInvite Idea MembersChange request4-enhancementOpen
BG:Landing pagesLanding pagesFunctionality4-enhancementQuestion
BG:LinkedIN address of user-01LinkedIN address of userBug3-normalSolved
BG:Login logicLogin logicChange request1-urgentSolved&Tested
BG:Logout creates an error messageLogout creates an error messageBug1-urgentSolved&Tested
BG:Mouse over shall bring a short description of the idea01Mouse over shall bring a short description of the ideaChange request3-normalSolved&Tested
BG:My page - Overview over my companiesMy page - Overview over my companiesFunctionality99-not decidedNew
BG:New development environmentNew development environmentLayout1-urgentNew
BG:Noted Idea of public ideasPublic IdeaChange request3-normalSolved&Tested
BG:Page 2 layout with rising star indexPage 2 with Rising Star IndexChange request1-urgentSolved&Tested
BG:Payment for InnoBorsPayment for InnoBorsChange request2-majorOpen
BG:Pushing button for crowdfunding give errorPushing button for crowdfunding give errorBug3-normalSolved&Tested
BG:Quality system for scoring based on experienceQuality system for scoring based on experienceFunctionality99-not decidedNew
BG:Scorecard overview for idea ownersScorecard overview for idea ownersChange request3-normalAnswer
BG:Show modus are changing lines space as it in edit modusShow modus are changing lines space as it in edit modusBug1-urgentSolved&Tested
BG:Sitemap with one page per ideaSitemap with one page per ideaFunctionality5-next releaseDeferred
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