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Title Invite Idea Members
Type change request
Severity 4-enhancement
Keywords invite, User
Date (expected, solved,...)
Expected Version v4.0
Status Open
Summary (1-2 lines): Invites other InnoBørs members or external people to join your idea
Test Procedure: For an existing idea, invite an external person through email (v2.6) or through InnoBors internal listing (v4.0)

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Invite team members

From the "idea edit" page the idea owner shall have the opportunity to invite other members to have access.


  • just add a contact form ....
    • mailto: xxxx@xxxx.xx
    • Subject: Invitation to join my team on
    • Send mail
  • and internal entry: Added (email address) to idea xyz (log file) (thus that we can add that person as "team member")
  • will be updated with new procedure in v4.0


autocomplete for searching for members, e.g. Josef Noll

The invitation shall include:

  • "search for members in the InnoBors" - my suggestion is to use "autocomplete" while typing "J ..." one gets all Stock Exchange members.
  • Own message, predefined: "I would like you to support my idea #IDEANAME on the InnoBors. Please click "accept invitation" if you would like to help me".
accept invitation to join the idea
  • "Accept invitation" (see example from LinkedIN) will generate
    • an entry in my home page: team member of idea #IDEANAME
  • An invitation being sent will appear on the user page (and as an email)
    •  ?Can we send emails? - do we have the email address from LinkedIN users? How to contact LinkedIN users?