BasicInternet:APR-BasicInternet info exchange 15Apr2020


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APR-BasicInternet info exchange 15Apr2020
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BasicInternet:APR-BasicInternet info exchange 15Apr2020

Title BasicInternet:APR-BasicInternet_info_exchange_15Apr2020
Date, Time 2020/04/15, 1430-1530
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Josef.Noll, Brenda Jimris-Rekve, Carlos Rey-Moreno, Mike Jensen
related to Project BasicInternet, DigI
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Purpose and Outcome

Information exchange and identification of common points of interest.


Faces to names: Josef, Brenda, Mike and Carlos

We established so many commonalities in both our work, that we could only touch upon the topics, and decided to follow-up on 22Apr2020. Points of discussion were:

  • How can we foster regulatory frameworks for digital inclusion, including Community Networks?
    • inform the communities (through multiplicators, e.g. Internet Governance Forum)
    • get governments involved, through suggestion of National Knowledge Portal
    • support SDG indicator 4.A.1 on the percentage of schools connected to Internet
  • How can we get "digital inclusion" and inclusive community networks on the agenda to SIBA, NORAD, DANIDA, DFID-UK?
  • Community involvement and challenges for Community networks, including
    • encountering the need
    • cost of backhaul, viability of the solution
    • upstream capability
    • tools for community involvement, local empowerment
    • low-cost and open source solutions
    • digital skills
    • access to devices
  • Common international engagement
    • UNO ECOSOC, ITU GIGA, Project Connect, Digital Public Goods, Digital Transformation Centres,....

Note: the links we visited during the discussion are listed further down

Next Meeting: 22Apr2020, 14:30h local Paris time

Background information

About APC:

  • Main focus is on policies and regulatory frameworks to support community networks
  • APChas more than 50 members, working both global and regional
  • Working with ITU, accredited members of UN ECOSOC

About BasicInternet:

  • Main focus is on "Connect the Unconnected" by promoting Internet Lite and freemium model for access
  • Foundationestablished by Kjeller Innovasjon and University of Oslo (UiO) in 2014 at Kjeller, Norway - in the building where Internet reached Europe in June 1973
  • Point of Presence in 8 countries, out of which 5 in Africa

Links addressed in the Meeting