BasicInternet:BasicInternet-Kortext NationalKnowledgePortal May2020


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BasicInternet-Kortext NationalKnowledgePortal May2020
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BasicInternet:BasicInternet-Kortext NationalKnowledgePortal May2020

Title BasicInternet-Kortext_NationalKnowledgePortal_May2020
Date, Time 2020/05/14, 12-13h
Contact Person Andy Free
Participants Andy Free, Richard Horton, Josef Noll
related to Project BasicInternet, DigI
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Agreements and further steps

  • Andy and Richard to go through the documentation and "ask for clarification"
  • next meeting for clarification Andy to invite (Josef has unlimited Zoom, or

Topics addressed

  • The challenge to bring educational and health information out to people, e.g. COVID-19 video:
 - does not reach those whom it should reach, due to lack of network, cost of connectivity, device, digital literacy

Envisaged next steps


The Basic Internet Foundation ( focusses on the advocacy for free access to information for all, and build information spots in rural areas where everyone has free access to Internet Lite, and premium access to broadband content

The work of the foundation got recognised the the United Nations' Panel on Digital Cooperation, the Norwegian Government and others, read more at: DigI:Publications

The Foundation is represented in 8 countries, working with communities to establish information spots. See DigI:Villages. The Information Spots are based on three elements, (i) an antenna for Mobile Network reception, (ii) a local network control centre (LNCC) for filtering of "Internet Lite", and (iii) a local village server. For details, please see BasicInternet:Solutions