BasicInternet:Collaboration BasicInternet-Giertsen Oct2020


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Collaboration BasicInternet-Giertsen Oct2020
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BasicInternet:Collaboration BasicInternet-Giertsen Oct2020

Title BasicInternet:Collaboration BasicInternet-Giertsen_Oct2020
Place Bislet
Date, Time 2020/10/08, 0900-1030
Contact Person Souleymane Niang
Participants Josef.Noll, Wilhelm Giertsen
related to Project BasicInternet
Keywords Energy monitoring, TEK5110, Societal Empowerment, Solar Cell Parks
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Topics and agreements

Agreement reached on collaboration between Giertsen Energy Solutions AS, Basic Internet Foundation and UiO, focussing on

  • Combination of InfoSpot with solar installations
  • Development of energy monitoring system for the solar installations, being a) transferrable to Africa and b) work with the InfoSpot
  • a Combined approach for job creation based on Energy & Internet

Next steps:

  • Josef, Maghsoud, David and Souleymane to discuss the details of the monitoring. We have already established a WhatsApp Group, and David follows the TEK5110 course.
  • Josef will distribute some links regarding combined "Energy & Internet"
  • Wilhelm will identify business opportunities, and identify the business value proposition
  • We will establish an MoU on the collaboration (Brenda will take care from BasicInternet)

Presentations and papers

All publications are at DigI:Publications, including presentations by Josef Noll. I would recommend

The BasicInternet "village platform" for distribution of digital health information was developed as part of the "Digital Inclusion" (DigI) project, focusing on Digital Health Promotion in remote areas in Tanzania. Thus, we focussed first on the challenge of access, providing Solutions for access to the mobile network more than 20 km away from the 3G tower, see Selela at the border of the Serengeti.

Seeing the need for such a platform, we work on an open-source implementation of the community/village portal, linked to the vision of a National Knowledge Portal.