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Collaboration National Knowledge Portal-Mar2020
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BasicInternet:Collaboration National Knowledge Portal-Mar2020

Title Collaboration National Knowledge Portal-Mar2020
Date, Time 2020/03/09, 1300-1430
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Annemijn Perrin, Brenda Jimris-Rekve, Josef Noll
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Join forces for the National Knowledge Portal in Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana and Ethiopia.

  • National Knowledge Portal with a representation at every school and every society.

Our suggestion:

  • We work together for the National Knowledge Portal, with local availability in each school, primary health facility and community.

What we expect from the local representative (e.g. COSTECH in Tanzania):

  • Be a promoter, or even owner of the idea
  • identify who in the government owns "Digital" (vice president?)
  • Collaborate to establish the proposal

We will then to get to international founders for the loan necessary to perform the operation. The idea is that we

a) set up the proposal in phases, both addressing education (especially digital skills), health information and connectivity
b) get the pilot going, with connecting e.g. 100 schools and providing training to e.g. 500 decision makers (school principles, politicians, regional leaders, teachers...)
c) scale up connect schools

First steps:

  • Goals of the government in connecting schools and providing digital education
  • Identify who owns Digital in the specific government


National Knowledge Portal and Connectivity

Presentations and discussions
Business model for access

Collaboration between Digital Skills Foundation and Basic Internet

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