BasicInternet:I4PS SchoolConnectivity Nov2020


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I4PS SchoolConnectivity Nov2020
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BasicInternet:I4PS SchoolConnectivity Nov2020

Title BasicInternet:I4PS_SchoolConnectivity_Nov2020
Date, Time 2020/11/27, 1300-1345h Oslo time
Contact Person Nazar Nicholas
Participants Josef.Noll, Nazar Nicholas, Peter Mmbando, Catherine R. Kimambo, Kelvin Massawe, Bridget Ashery
related to Project BasicInternet
Keywords School Connectivity, I4PS
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Purpose and action items

The purpose of the meeting was to get known to each other, and identify the topics for School Connectivity

Take away and action items:

  1. Create the MoU to describe our goals and expectations - Brenda has sent 1. draft
  2. Discuss Content on the InfoSpot - Nazar to get in contact with TZ Institute for education to get offline access to the online library
  3. We will send one InfoSpot som proof of concept now, and extend with another 4 sets, such that ISOC TZ can establish 5 schools with access to Internet - Nazar to send the coordinates of the school to connect
  4. We need an assessment of the expected outcome of school connectivity. Criteria are e.g. access, costs, Quality of Experience (QoE)
  5. Involve the ISOC engineer to go through Solutions and the How To as a preparation for installation. Have a collaboration with Catherine R. Kimambo (African Child) on details of installation.
  6. Discuss how ISOC Tanzania & Basic Internet can work together on courses and online training

Next Meeting: Tues 1Dec2020 1500-1600h TZ time

Digital activities in Tanzania

TAPIS creating Public Internet Hubs

  • for marginalized citizens
  • aiming at 12.468 Public Internet spots, to reach 59.8 million with Internet access in 10 yrs
  • Provide digital literacy to 5.98 million youth and women in 10 yrs
  • provide Wananchi service to all citizens
  • Outcome: create 140.000 jobs within 10 years, and reduce the vulnerability from being left alone
  • The project is supported by the Internet Society with USD 30,000
  • Upscaling of Public Internet Hubs: from kiosk to innovation centre
    • including digital community library
    • provide eAgriculture

I4PS to connect 1628 public secondary schools

  • The TZ institute for education has established the online library for content til schools

Background information

Sustainable Business Models for Access and Content

InfoSpot provided by the Basic Internet Foundation:

Courses and knowledge exchange: