BasicInternet:PACT-BasicInternet collaboration Aug2020


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PACT-BasicInternet collaboration Aug2020
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BasicInternet:PACT-BasicInternet collaboration Aug2020

Title BasicInternet:PACT-BasicInternet_collaboration_Aug2020
Place ITS@Kjeller
Date, Time 2020/08/18, 1000-1200
Contact Person Catherine R. Kimambo
Participants Josef.Noll, Marianna Balampama, Ally Manditi, Matogoro Jabhera, Catherine R. Kimambo
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Topics being discussed

* Information by PACT on "connect the unconnected"

  • Solutions by tzCNA and BasicInternet
  • Challenges: Access, Content, Devices
  • Phase 1: information provision, 
Phase 2: upgrade to National Knowledge Portal

Action Items and Follow-up

We agreed to discuss more in detail on how we can establish connectivity for economic sharing groups in PACT TZ

  • Josef to create the minutes
  • Marianna and Ally to comment
  • Catherine to organise next meeting
  • Matogoro to establish ideas for pilot connectivity

About PACT Tanzania

PACT TZ has 12 clusters across TZ, reaching out to 60.000 recipients in the country. Having the focus on "connecting the unconnected, providing information on health, education, agriculture and entrepreneurship, PACT is focussing on

  • Health information (see village information used in the DigI project)
  • economic development, especially agriculture
  • education (related to schools)
  • safety and security for vulnerable children

PACT supports about 1.500 (?) economic sharing groups, being the basis for connectivity. One idea is to use the young population to educate them in establishing community spots, and through the community spots providing a) information and b) access to market. One of the challenges being addressed is the ownership of devices, where we discussed using the shared tablet approach.

About Basic Internet

The Basic Internet Foundation ( has connected 10 Villages in TZ as part of the "Non-discriminating access for Digital Inclusion" (DigI)
 project. The Solution being used is to create an Information Spot (InfoSpot)
 in the village, where people have free access to information, and premium access to broadband services.

The InfoSpot carries a village portal "",so far established to provide Health Information. See the Cysticercosis health video on

Having extended the reach of mobile networks to more than 20 km, as in the case of Selela, we are convinced that we can establish one InfoSpot per village - though need the regulatory framework.

That's why we have introduced the 
 incorporating three aspects:

  • Information on health, education, agriculture and entrepreneurship
  • Data governance, data ownership and public-private partnership through application interfaces on the Portal
  • Regulations as Free Access to the National Knowledge Portal.

Read more at the 
 or have a look at the Presentation of Freemium model for access to the National Knowledge Portal (.pdf)

Furthermore, we have discussed how to bring access out to every village:

We should align our activities to the National ICT Policy 2016 and its implementation plan