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Project: ConnectedLife
Development of the Research Group ConnectedLife at UNIK
Project leader Josef Noll
Project Participants
Start Date 2008/08/01
End Date 2012/12/31
Supported by UNIK
Objective Build a research group on Mobility and Sensor Networks, with specific focus in using Semantic Technologies for Sensor Descriptions. We expect that the next generation of the Internet will create automatic processes, where sensor data contribute to business decisions.

in order to have that happening, we need

  • Measurable Security for the Internet of Things
  • Radio interfaces for communication
  • Attribute-based access through ontologies and rules on the web
  • Semantic technologies as an descriptor for sensor technologies
  • Knowledge-based presentation of information
  • Business modelling and representation of processes through semantic technologies
Research Domain Internet - IoPTS
Keywords Semantic Technologies, Sensors, Mobile, Radio, Business Modelling, Semantic MediaWiki

Factpage of Project ConnectedLife