Creative Knowledge Thinktank

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Title Creative Knowledge Thinktank
Place UNIK
Date, Time 2012/12/06, 1300-1530
Contact Person Halvor Kalve
Participants Monika L. Eknes, Halvor Kalve, Josef Noll, Pål Kristian Levang
related to Project Creative Knowledge


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    Vi går for en IP i Challenge 8: ICT for Creativity and Learning

    • powerful and interactive tools for creative industries
    • enhance creativity of workers pursuing diffenent professions
    • anticipate future trends in research and innovation "different segments"

Creative experience tools that

  • make use of all our senses
  • allow for richer, more collaborative
  • interactive experiences: real time simulation and visualisation, augmented reality, 3D animation, visual computing, games engines, and immersive experiences

The tools created should be cost effective, with special attentionto

  • users like SMEs and individual creators
  • intuitive, and be
  • demonstrated in real envirnoments for the creative and cultural industries (such as advertising, arts, crafts, design, fashion, films, music, publishing, video games, TV and radio etc...)

EU contact

Ms Alina Senn, DDG2.G2 -

Smart Portal (page4) and Dashboard (page 5), consisting of

  • knowledge portal, combining Creators, Business (e.g. Opera), Sensor world, IT knowledge
  • the physical and virtual meeting place for users around
  • definere objects som del av funksjonaliteten


  • privacy,
  • flexibility in confidentiality (invite across!)
  • knowledge circles (establish and involve)
  • 5-senses (how to create tools)

Dashboard for service creation based on service components

  • easy service creations from a service store
  • as in Trello, where you can move tasks and duties
  • "WeVideo" - video verdens svar på instagram - evensures (før filmen med YouVideo) - lagre egne trailer


  • open source (?) - how to handle community later on (Skaperhuset og Movation?)
  • på Trello: - please register
  • Abstract: Halvor skriver (?) two avsnitt holder - basert på foilene (se: Media:201212CreativeKnowledge.pdf)
  • Contacts to companies: Halvor fordeler kontakter
  • Proposal writing: Josef etablerer Google Docs
  • Proposal writer: Her trenger vi prof. assistanse. Hvem?
  • Arbeidspakker: Josef kommer med forslag
  • UNESCO report, creative industries
  • cultural industries plus all cultural or artistic production