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Digital Inclusion (DigI)
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All Action Items in DigI
  1. AI-001 (Josef Noll, to send minutes of the kick-off meeting, by: 25 January 2017, Status Closed)
  2. AI-001 (Josef Noll, to invite Maurice for a meeting, by: 30 March 2017, Status Closed)
  3. AI-002 (Josef Noll, to comment/extend the minutes of the Cystinet/Digi meeting, by: 13 February 2017, Status Closed)
  4. AI-002 (Josef Noll, to distribute Action Item List, by: 25 January 2017, Status Closed)
  5. AI-003 (Josef Noll, to describe the process of App development, by: 8 April 2017, Status Closed)
  6. AI-003 (Josef Noll, to provide username/passwd for all users to owncloud and the wiki, by: 28 January 2017, Status Closed)
  7. AI-004 (All partners, to send their WP contribution to the respective WP leader, by: 9 February 2017, Status Closed)
  8. AI-004 (Jan Knobloch, to review app-design tools, by: 8 April 2017, Status Closed)
  9. AI-005 (Danica Radovanovic, to create welcome page for local content, by: 9 June 2017, Status Closed)
  10. AI-005 (WP leaders, to create the content of the WPs, by: 26 March 2017, Status Closed)
  11. AI-006 (Christine Holst, to get feedback on the tablet situation in Tanzania, by: 12 June 2017, Status Closed)
  12. AI-006 (Jan Knobloch, Mariana Avezum, to plan their trip on 7-8Mar2017 to Oslo, by: 15 February 2017, Status Closed)
  13. AI-007 (Josef Noll, to send MoM and thanks letter to CEO, by: 24 February 2018, Status Closed)
  14. AI-008 (Christine Holst, to send our FN contribution to Tewodros, by: 5 January 2019, Status Closed)
  15. AI-010 (Josef Noll, to create a one page description of our communication requirements, by: 26 May 2017, Status Closed)
  16. DigI:AI-001 (Elibariki Mwakapeje, to update WP1 description with tasks, by: 16 March 2017, Status Closed)
  17. DigI:AI-002 (Erwan Le Quentrec, to fill in and sign the Declaration of Company (state-aid), by: 2 April 2017, Status Closed)
  18. DigI:AI-003 (Josef Noll, to negotiate and publish the payment conditions from the Research Council, by: 18 April 2017, Status Closed)
  19. DigI:AI-004 (Elibariki Mwakapeje, Felix Sukums, to invite for a TZ meeting, by: 18 April 2017, Status Closed)
  20. DigI:AI-005 (Josef Noll, to draft of Consortium Agreement, by: 28 April 2017, Status Closed)
  21. DigI:AI-006 (Christine Holst, to create a Doodle inviting everyone for an opinion on the kick-off date, by: 29 June 2017, Status Closed)
  22. DigI:AI-007 (Helena Ngowi, Bernard Ngowi, Elibariki Mwakapeje, to establish the content for potential health messages, Status Open)
  23. DigI:AI-008 (Felix Sukums, to provide list - Halotel and Amotel, by: 31 March 2017, Status Closed)
  24. DigI:AI-009 (Felix Sukums, to put the approved messages with the authorized content in owncloud folder, by: 31 March 2017, Status Closed)
  25. DigI:AI-011 (Maghsoud Morshedi, to establish security certificates for owncloud.basicinternet.no, by: 15 September 2017, Status Closed)
  26. DigI:AI-012 (Christine Holst, to collaborate w/ Danica and Maurice on welcome page, by: 7 July 2017, Status Closed)
  27. DigI:AI-013 (Christine Holst, Felix Sukums, to convert site surveys for villages, by: 1 September 2017, Status Closed)
  28. DigI:AI-014 (Christine Holst, to create a Google Map with the co-ordinates in TZ, by: 8 June 2017, Status Closed)
  29. DigI:AI-015 (Danica Radovanovic, to KPI analysis, lit.review, by: 15 December 2017, Status Closed)
  30. DigI:AI-016 (Maurice Isabwe, to Introduction for the DigI Site Survey, by: 29 August 2017, Status Closed)
  31. DigI:AI-017 (Felix Sukums, to create the how to perform the site survey, by: 1 September 2017, Status Closed)
  32. DigI:AI-018 (Josef Noll, to share with Elibariki the brochure for initial information, by: 24 August 2017, Status Closed)
  33. DigI:AI-019 (Elibariki Mwakapeje, to create text for the first information, by: 1 September 2017, Status Closed)
  34. DigI:AI-020 (Josef Noll, to establish a short document on the example of connectivity, by: 1 September 2017, Status Closed)
  35. DigI:AI-021 (Maurice Isabwe, to separate the site survey into three parts, by: 4 September 2017, Status Closed)
  36. DigI:AI-022 (Danica Radovanovic, to create ...contact DigiWatch, by: 3 September 2017, Status Closed)
  37. DigI:AI-023 (Elibariki Mwakapeje, Felix Sukums, to drive the process on telecom operators, by: 16 October 2017, Status Closed)
  38. DigI:AI-024 (Josef Noll, to discuss DRC with Finn Helge with regards to the expected impact, by: 25 September 2017, Status Closed)
  39. DigI:AI-025 (Bernard Ngowi, Helena Ngowi, Elibariki Mwakapeje, to send KAP questions on HIV/TB, Cysti and Anthrax to Christine, by: 20 September 2017, Status Closed)
  40. DigI:AI-026 (Christine Holst, to inform the health team about "no "SMS", by: 15 October 2017, Status Closed)
  41. DigI:AI-027 (Christine Holst, to summarise the work plans, by: 14 November 2017, Status Closed)
  42. DigI:AI-028 (Danica Radovanovic, to involve Felix with literacy questions for the site survey, by: 10 November 2017, Status Closed)
  43. DigI:AI-029 (Sudhir Dixit, to create outline of paper, and involve Danica and Christine, by: 10 November 2017, Status Closed)
  44. DigI:AI-030 (Danica Radovanovic, to gather data on Mobile connectivity in Africa, by: 16 February 2018, Status Closed)
  45. DigI:AI-031 (Christine Holst, to arrange a skype with Helena, Andrea and Flora, by: 15 January 2018, Status Closed)
  46. DigI:AI-032 (Felix Sukums, to follow up with TIGO on Kiosk model, by: 10 March 2018, Status Closed)
  47. DigI:AI-033 (Josef Noll, to sign up for Health Information for All, by: 1 March 2018, Status Closed)
  48. DigI:AI-034 (Felix Sukums, to get info from KioKit from BRCK, by: 17 March 2018, Status Closed)
  49. DigI:AI-035 (Elibariki Mwakapeje, to elaborate on how many spots we need in Selela, by: 1 March 2018, Status Closed)
  50. DigI:AI-036 (Bernard Ngowi, Felix Sukums, to design how many spots we need in Izazi and Migoli, by: 1 March 2018, Status Closed)
  51. ... further results

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