DigI:CSIR-SANA-Basic Internet Foundation

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DigI:CSIR-SANA-Basic Internet Foundation

Title DigI: CSIR-SANA-Basic Internet Foundation
Place Zoom.us
Date, Time 2020/11/24, 1600-1700
Contact Person Josef Noll
Participants Anwar Vahed, Sanjay Maharaj, Josef Noll, Brenda Jimris-Rekve
related to Project DigI, BasicInternet
Keywords CSIR
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Purpose and Way-Ahead

  • Addressing areas for collaboration
  • CSIR: National Integrated Infrastructure Systems (NICS) by Dr. Anwar Vahed
  • Basic Internet Foundation: Josef


  • We have identified data as driver for societal benefit, and digital inclusion as means for collecting data and distributing information
  • National (SA) priorities coincide well with EU priorities, e.g. Open Science Cloud, Open Source Education, Open Access
  • Areas for collaboration include capacity development, big data, public-private-partnership (PPP) based on governmental/public data
  • Anwar will spread the information (see links) with colleagues, and then identify the time-slot for a follow-up meeting

Note: After our meeting I contacted Fisseha Mekuria who mentioned a regional development activity by the SA government, including connectivity. An interesting start to combine our ideas

NICS by Anwar Vahed

  • Dr. Vahed is the head of the research in the NICS team
  • The Department of Science and Innovation are the funders for the project and their main focus is on capacity development for cyber infrastructure in South Africa
  • The tasks involve coordinating the Research Projects and Strategy and vision for NICS
  • The South African European dialogue supports the policy framework
  • NICS has support and collaborates with the European Union for the Open Science Policy Framework
  • Some of the projects that NICS run include: open-source education where people can access information. That is, providing free internet connectivity infrastructure especially for students in the rural settlements
  • Another project is on predictive analysis, involving tracking and development of dashboard which is a one-stop-shop and the mobile app for track and trace for Covid-19, involving partners from EU and China.

Key Focus for Basic Internet Foundation by Josef

  • Data Governance is the core for creating wealth in the society where the value created goes back to the society and not to the multinational companies
  • Strategy, an information model and open-source principles are core for successful Data Governance
  • Knowledge Acquisition and data acquisition is also of importance
  • Basis for Digital Transformation are access, skills, regulations and inclusion. Norwegian Higher-Education Institutes (HEI) have collaborated on a recommendation for implementing digital inclusion in developing economies. Demanding affordable Internet access is not only part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it was further stressed by the United Nations, Governments, the Internet Society, NGOs and local communities.
Policies and Solutions for Digital Inclusion, see Media:Policies_Solution_DigitalInclusion.pdf

Background Info