DigI:CTU-Tanzania UiO 12.2016

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DigI:CTU-Tanzania UiO 12.2016

Title CTU-Tanzania_UiO_12.2016
Place skype
Date, Time 2016/12/13, 08:00-09:00
Contact Person Josef Noll
Participants Andrea Winkler, Ingeborg K Haavardsson
related to Project Basic Internet
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the skype meeting was about co-ordinating ourselves on the "Connect the Unconnected 4.000 villages in Tanzania" (C2U)

Action Items

  • Josef to sent info on DDP (Worldbank) and notes from Sustainability Works Seminar 1.Dec2016 - done
  • Ingeborg to connect to Gina Torrish(?) for inviting Gro Harlem Brundland som "Schirmherrin"
  • Ingeborg to connect to her women network, e.g. Abigale Disney for involvement of Ingrid Stange and "Partnership for Change"
  • All to "edit the draft CTU-Tanzania" .docx to make it look decent, please feel free to distribute to friends for comments/suggestions
  • All to extend the contacts sheet with a) people who are important to join and b) contacts which are established
  • Andrea to coordinate with Jan Knobloch and Bernt Brügge for a meeting in beginning of February
  • Josef to sent information on owncloud for CYSTINET

Way ahead

  • Regarding the CTU-Tanzania, we can distribute the draft and ask for comments/suggestions
  • Then we'll establish a strategy to involve people: "summe om prosjektet"
  • We will lift the project up to be part of the high-level BMBF Sub-Saharan activities (total of 5 projects in 14 Sub-Saharan countries)

having reached the critical mass of people, we will then invite for proposal preparation, and simultaneously approach the pension funds++