DigI:DigI-Formative Dialogue Jan2018

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DigI:DigI-Formative Dialogue Jan2018

Title DigI-Formative_Dialogue_Meeting
Place ITS
Date, Time 2018/01/25, 1030-1230
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Tewodros Aragie Kebede, Christine Holst, Tor Halvorsen, Josef Noll
related to Project DigI
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Discussion topics

Contacts and Exchanges

The Formative Dialogue Research project has the following partners in TZ

  • University of Dar es Salam, Schol of Education, contact: Johnsen Ishimgomo
  • Mumbuli University

Christine and Josef will travel to TZ from 12Feb onwards, may include a visit to Uni of Dar es Salam

Tewodros informed about a new call for action for Nepal

The vision "Internet light for all"

Caption=Internet Light for All, the catalyst for the Sustainable Goals

Internet light for all is seen as a catalyst for achieving most of the SDGs.

  • Internet light is text, pictures and local content, e.g. education or health videos on a local server.
  • The business model supports the concept of a Social Solidarity Economy. One user paying for video access will support 300 users with free access to information.
  • It directly addresses SDG Target 9.C Significantly increase access to information and communications technology and strive to provide universal and affordable access to the Internet in least developed countries by 2020 by providing free access to information for all [1]
  • It supports the UNOG work on a human rights in the digital world. As Kate Gilmore points out: "IT had the opportunity to dismantle the divide. IT has failed, the divide is bigger than ever".
  • It supports UNICEF's goal 1 for Children in the Digital Age, see: DigI:Publications#Further_Reading

Addressing work items of SMK (Erna Solberg): Media:201704-DigitalHealth_SDGs_Noll.pdf

  1. Promoting of the Agenda 2030 and the SDGs
  2. Partnership with Africa and Migration
  3. Health and Education

The Basic Internet Foundation (BasicInternet.no) is an advocate and promoter of Internet light for all, and has established an example of the infrastructure to promote the free access to information.

  • Jio, a mobile operator from India, is in the process of connecting schools and railway stations in India. They will provide a certain amount of data free to all users. Read more on notes from the visit to India

The DigI project

Towards "Connect the Unconnected"

First results from the DigI project are foreseen for April 2018 and build the basis for discussions with international organisations and donors to "Connect the Unconnected". The goals are:

  • combine efforts from a wide range of partners
  • create the showcase for rural connectivity
  • scale the DigI business model across the nation
  • establish the blueprint for roll-out in other countries.

The suggestion is to establish a Trust Fund based on support for the Norwegian Government for this activity, and join forces with other donors.

Other notes

  • Der Spiegel reports on Norway leads in sustainable growth, according to the new growth index of the World Economic Forum [2]
  • The Inclusive Development Index (IDI) [3] addresses the Social Solidarity Economy much better than the GDP
  • Tor will invite for a conference between industry, academia and governmental organisations on achieving the SDGs. First contacts to Stine are established.
  • Together with Pure Consulting we develop a white paper for the impact on Internet light for all on the SDGs. The outcome is seen as the basis for statement papers towards the government, Norad, Mfa, NFR, Innovasjon Norge and others.
  • Nepal has a call for action (more info needed)