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Digital Inclusion (DigI)
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DigI:DigI Arusha Meeting Nov19

Title DigI Arusha Meeting (November 2019)
Place African Tulip @Arusha
Date, Time 2019/11/29, - 29Nov2019 - 30Nov2019
Contact Person Christine Holst, Wisam Ahmed Mansour
Participants Josef Noll, Christine Holst, Wisam Ahmed Mansour
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for venue information, see https://www.theafricantulip.com/


to take with us:

  • 2 hot-spots for Migoli
  • 2 sets for Esilalei og Selela (RPI + 960configured), 1 tablet each - battery charger for Esilalei

to do:

  • talk about "lessons learned" for bringing health messages out (TV vs tablet)
  • COSTEC contacts (ministry of Science and technology)


from Felix Regarding sustainability and business model the following issues need to be on our tables for further discussion in our meeting in Arusha

1. data bundle for a village,
2. vouchers system and updating/maintenance
3. local technical support
4. Village server content updating, maintenance, and hosting
5. Replacement of equipment
6. Tanzanian DHL // TZ gov and taxes

from Josef:

  • KPIs measurement and reporting
  • "DIY - do it yourself" invitation to villages

1. Day

2. Day


Plans for the Villages

see DigI:Villages

If you want to move fast, go alone - If you want to reach far, go together

Open Action Items in DigI