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Digital Inclusion (DigI)
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DigI:DigI Arusha Meeting Nov19

Title DigI Arusha Meeting (November 2019)
Place Mount Meru Hotel@Arusha
Date, Time 2019/11/29,
Contact Person Christine Holst, Wisam Ahmed Mansour
Participants Josef Noll, Christine Holst, Wisam Ahmed Mansour
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for venue information, see Mount Meru Hotel@Arusha



from Felix Regarding sustainability and business model the following issues need to be on our tables for further discussion in our meeting in Arusha

1. data bundle for a village,
2. vouchers system and updating/maintenance
3. local technical support
4. Village server content updating, maintenance, and hosting
5. Replacement of equipment

from Josef:

  • KPIs measurement and reporting
  • "DIY - do it yourself" invitation to villages

1. Day

2. Day


Plans for the Villages

see DigI:Villages

If you want to move fast, go alone - If you want to reach far, go together

Open Action Items in DigI