DigI:DigI Meeting August 2019

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DigI:DigI Meeting August 2019

Title DigI Meeting August 2019
Place gotomeet.me/BasicInternet
Date, Time 2019/08/06, 1300-1400h
Contact Person Wisam Ahmed Mansour, Christine Holst
Participants Josef Noll, Wisam Ahmed Mansour, Danica Radovanovic, Helena Ngowi, Peter Cardellichio
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GoTomeeting: https://www.gotomeet.me/BasicInternet - see explanations and options at gotomeet.me/BasicInternet


  • Actionpoints
  • DigI meeting in September - Tanzania? Where and when?
  • Fieldwork plans for summer (Christine)
  • Fieldwork update (Flora)
  • Kiosks (Felix)
  • Village platform rollout timeline (Wisam)
  • Updates on the voucher system (Iñaki)
  • #DigitalCooperation (Danica)
  • Hackathon http://Internet4All.org (Josef)
  • Requests for collaboration
    • Cathrine (African Child, Ashoka)
    • Emmanuel Mahenge, Boacse TZ (vulnerable children)
    • Boniface Lamah & Bernadette Francis (Guinea)
    • MuftWifi (Sudhir, India)
  • AOB


  • Josef gave a brief on his meetings with Microsoft, Digital Oxygen, and Cisco.
  • Digital Public Goods Platform initiative/ funded by the Norwegian government, it have been given to UNICEF. Danica gave some highlight on what is out known the plans published online (https://digitalpublicgoods.net/candidates/)
  • Danica added a new document on OwnCloud on BasicInternet where she include some Digital Public Goods for the Foundation with which we can position our contribution.
  • Wisam and Danica are participating on the ICT proposers Day 19-20 September 2019 in Helsinki.
  • DigI meeting in September that suggested to be in Tanzania or Berlin
  • Fieldwork update (Helena) Flora went to the field collected the needed data via questionnaires and survey. Then, after the Kiosks implementing, around 12 months, she will travel again and collect the latest data
  • Updates on the voucher system (Josef) Iñaki wasn't able to finalise it due to a private circumstances, but Antonio will work on that
  • Danica: contacted the Panel on Digital Cooperation and waiting for their response as they aren't having a specific actions.There are a book chapter that will be published and journals articles.
  • Hackathon http://Internet4All.org : in Oslo to connect the UNconnected
  • Basic Internet App (Josef) is still under consideration as it will provide better user involvement

Next meeting

*DigI meeting 3. September @ 12:30