DigI:DigI Meeting June 2019

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DigI:DigI Meeting June 2019

Title DigI Meeting June 2019
Place gotomeet.me/BasicInternet
Date, Time 2019/06/11, - 11June2019
Contact Person Christine Holst
Participants Josef Noll, Christine Holst
related to Project DigI:DigI
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GoTomeeting: https://www.gotomeet.me/BasicInternet - see explanations and options at gotomeet.me/BasicInternet


  • Actionpoints
  • Fieldwork plans for summer (Christine)
  • Fieldwork update (Flora)
  • Kiosks (Felix)
  • Village platform rollout timeline (Wisam)
  • Updates on the voucher system (Iñaki)
  • #DigitalCooperation (Danica)
  • Hackathon http://Internet4All.org (Josef)
    • Basic Internet App (Josef)
  • Requests for collaboration
    • Cathrine (African Child, Ashoka)
    • Emmanuel Mahenge, Boacse TZ (vulnerable children)
    • Boniface Lamah & Bernadette Francis (Guinea)
    • MuftWifi (Sudhir, India)
  • AOB


Participants: Maurice, Danica, Flora, Peter, Helena, Erwan, Christine, Josef, Wisam

AOB - Equipment to Paris, was shipped about a month ago. Wisam to send DHL info again.

Village server:

  • Maurice: all villages are up and running
  • information about villages is missing
  • how to: set-up Web server & PHP
  • copy to SD card
  • Equipment at Ifi (Hamed and Wisam discuss)
  • Remote access to Raspberry Pi (Maurice) - Wisam to contact with Hamed and Maghsoud

Maurice to go through AI and say what is

  • login: only for editing the context

KPI monitoring of users

  • saved locally - Maurice to describe: "filename" (evtl: export to local file)
  • remote sync - need to transfer files
  • will be combined with Christines information

Questionnaire on platform

  • Survey on Web Site? (later on)
  • Questions provided by Danica

Business of operators

  • private (Elibariki, Flora) are updating the SIM cards

Voucher system

  • involved Hamed (after equipment is shipped)

Village platform rollout timeline

  • 7 devices & Raspberry Pi needs to get updated

Update field work (Flora)

  • Data collection - base line performed
  • analysis for 1. paper
  • translation on vicious worm


FAO meeting Rome

Launch of village server

  • Event in the villages


  • Meeting with Minister for Development (90 s talk)
  • Visit TZ (common Visjon2030) Sep/Oct2019
  • Next Meeting - Tanzania - Dar/Arusha/Mombeya/Iringa?? (together with Visjon2030 Sep/Oct2019?)
  • New Norwegian Ambassador TZ
  • Guinea: Orange
  • Applications (new project opportunities)
  • Next meeting: 9. Juli 2019 (13:00h)

Next meeting

9. July, 13:00h (?)