DigI:DigI Meeting May 2019

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DigI:DigI Meeting May 2019

Title DigI Meeting May 2019
Place Online
Date, Time 2019/05/07, - 7May2019
Contact Person Christine Holst
Participants Josef Noll, Christine Holst
related to Project DigI:DigI
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GoTomeeting: [1]

Agenda and notes

  • Report from
    • High Level Panel

Upcoming activities

Action points from Paris

  • Anthrax video published by Maurice, awaiting for comments "from the field". Thus all comments are first collected, and then the video is updated
  • Maurice on testing of Rasberry Pi (testing on 3 Raspberry Pis), works both pre-installed
  • Josef/Iñaki to duplicate the content to owncloud to make it available for SD-card
  • Wisam to download Izazi.Yeboo.com and puts it on a SD-card for Raspberry Pi, to ship
  • Maurice work further on yeboo site
  • Tigo – need phone numbers for the sim cards, waiting for this so that we need to re-subscribe.
  • Felix on progress with the kiosks in Migoli / Izazi
  • Wisam on shipment of equipment to TZ: Wisam works on the equipment and a timeline for launch in Migoli / Izazi.
    • Orange - Mali hot-spot is sent
    • Patandi - is sent, to be delivered together
    • Muhas (for village platforms)

TechBridge invest has asked for equipment in Kenia

Fieldwork update

  • Fieldwork update (Christine) - new field work 17 Mai for two weeks
  • Fieldwork (Flora)
  • Updates on the voucher system (Inaki)


  • Relight
  • Kari (Norad) will announce new program, most probably existing programs will be extended until 2020.

New NorHead not before August 2020.

  • GatesFoundation
  • Please keep your eyes open for funding opts. Share funding opportunities – on web.

Partnerships (we will focus on these after summer)

  • DE activities (DE, TZ, NO)
  • companies/organisations/.... for partnership
  • Basic Internet App (Josef)
  • Newsletter - based on BasicInternet.info/blog/ - Christine makes draft asap
  • Feedback on the posts on the blog. BasicInternet.info/blog/ Everyone should feel free to make small blogs.

Next meeting

June 11, at 13.00