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DigI:DigI Meeting November 19

Title DigI Meeting November 2019
Place gotomeet.me/BasicInternet
Date, Time 2019/11/11, 1300-1400h
Contact Person Christine Holst
Participants Josef Noll, Wisam Ahmed Mansour, Danica Radovanovic, Helena Ngowi, Peter Cardellichio, Bernard Ngowi, Felix Sukums, Elibariki Mwakapeje, Andrea Winkler, Flora Kajuna, Maurice Isabwe, Erwan Le Quentrec, Iñaki Garitano, Sudhir Dixit, Gerard Rushingabigwi, Maghsoud Morshedi, Antonio Javier Rodriguez Ceberio, Hamed Arshad, Celestin Twizere, Finn Helge Tolpinrud
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GoTomeeting: https://www.gotomeet.me/BasicInternet - see explanations and options at gotomeet.me/BasicInternet


  • Update from hotspot visit with Vision2030
    • Village server content updating, maintenance, and hosting
    • local technical support
    • Replacement of equipment & Screens to dispensaries Migoli / Izazi
  • Data bundle for a village / vouchers system and updating/maintenance
  • Tanzanian DHL // TZ gov and taxes
  • DigI meeting in Arusha, 29.-30. November - venue: The African Tulip
  • National strategy - How transfer experiences from Digi project scalability – what are the next steps towards Digital Public Goods?
  • Basic Internet App (Josef)
  • Health Summit Uganda 2020
  • IGF, a.o. https://igf2019.sched.com/event/SU0d/digital-inclusion-introductory-session, complete schedule: https://igf2019.sched.com
  • Publications - ongoing and planned


  • Ethiopian visit – all ministries present. Digitization theme all days, ended up with a request of connecting schools. Putting DPG out. Agreement: Proposal on DPG for Ethiopia.
  • Local visit – Dodoma and Migoli / Izazi. Not so successful talks with the TZ gov. Not so much listening from gov reps. But 15 people travelled to Migoli / Izazi – successful travel with the NO delegation from Fafo, Norad, Nifu, UiB etc..
  • Village platform / yeboo not working properly. Quality insurance; How can we ensure that the village platforms work perfectly?

Whitelist issue.

  • In TZ : our project reaching out far. The TZ national community association (Matogoro) – option for sustainable solutions. BOACSE and African child: from the community we will get the 30 USD a month to keep the running.
  • COSTECH & UCSAF: Peter Ulanga replaced by Justina. Now both are in Dodoma. Josef and Felix (?) meeting end of Nov.
  • Voucher platform – miss translation to TZ Swahili. Antton email to Josef this. Automatic generator and infrastructure. Need to decide the website access to platform, subdomain etc.

Create: Voucher.basicinternet.org. Antton send IP address to Josef by whatsapp

  • Health sites – request for users to activate something socially – internal social network. Antto checks for open source solutions. Opt two second server?
  • No update on the app – focus on the platform
  • DHL & gov taxes – 200 usd for transport, 120 usd for local taxes. Transport and taxes more expensive that the equipment itself.

People receiving the equipment are very frustrated. Felix checks the taxes and charges.

  • DigI meeting in Arusha, 29.-30. November - venue: The African Tulip
    • Sustainability
    • Health messages
    • Reaching out to communities
    • Bring in Cathrine Kipremamba African Child – half an hour update?
    • Topics for discussion: 3 min intro of challenge – then discussion of each. If you want to discuss anything in the DigI project, please write Christine an email.
    • Two important points 1 ) feedback from the site 2) doctor Izazi : tablets and transmission : screens, infection risk. Need to discuss this in Arusha.
  • Summit: preparing a panel for the summit, anyone works in digital health – be part of the panel?


  • ECOSOCS, our project encouraged to join the agenda for ECOSOCS


  • IGF – last week of Nov, many tracks on dig inclusion, searching for DPG


  • DPG - Whitepaper launched – input for discussion – ITU and UNICEF – high value. Aim for

Brenda and Danica try to lobby Basic Internet Foundation in the meeting.

Next meeting

Arusha, 29.-30. November