DigI:DigI Meeting September

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DigI:DigI Meeting September

Title DigI Meeting September 2019
Place gotomeet.me/BasicInternet
Date, Time 2019/09/03, 1230-1330h
Contact Person Wisam Ahmed Mansour
Participants Josef Noll, Wisam Ahmed Mansour, Danica Radovanovic, Helena Ngowi, Peter Cardellichio
related to Project DigI:DigI
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GoTomeeting: https://www.gotomeet.me/BasicInternet - see explanations and options at gotomeet.me/BasicInternet


  • One year left of the DigI project
    • Processes in the final year
    • Resources and time needed for each partner
  • Kiosks rollout and last update from the field (Felix /Bernard)
  • Village platform rollout (Wisam / Felix / Hamed)
  • Usage data generation and conversion into KPIs (Maurice / Danica)
  • Updates on the voucher system (Iñaki / Antonio)
  • Fieldwork summary (Christine)
  • DigI meeting in Arusha, November
  • Basic Internet App (Josef)
  • Requests for collaboration
  • AOB
    • DigI as example for Digital Public Goods (DPGs)
    • Next Meeting


  • Iñaki briefed about the work with the website and vouchers. Close to a good solution, expecting an integration of both withi the next days. Magshod and Iñaki to meet next week to discuss. Magshod to continue work on the login page.
  • Felix briefed about the installation in Migoli and Izazi. The physical setup in both villages is completed sucessfully. Sudhir is going to Migoli and Izazi next week. Will be followed up by Felix.
  • Hamed works on the RPIs, and is expecting the final files from yeboo from Maurice shortly. When the files are downloaded and installed, and RPIs working remotely, all the updated SD cards are ready to be sent to Bernards NIMR adress, by Wisam.
  • Maurice needs one week to provides variable from Danicas KPI request on the usage data. When the RPIs are working properly, we will start measuring the usage and monitor for 6 monthes, before the KPI framework can be developed. Maurice will generate files and forward to Danica.
  • Danica gave a brief update on the work she is doing, please see DigI:Publications. Danica needs support from Felix / Bernard to get premission for using short video clips from the DigI:Villages

Please all: Remember to

    • go through the DigI:Processes and Technology to edit or add on your responsability
    • to submit a sheet on your remaining activities and estimated costs related to this by the end of next week (15. September 2019).

Next meeting

Monday, 7.10.2019 at 13.00 - 14.00