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DigI:Digi Consortium GotoMeeting May 2018

Title Digi Consortium GotoMeeting May 2018
Place GoToMeeting
Date, Time 2018/05/08, 1300-1400
Contact Person Christine.Holst
Participants Christine.Holst, Josef Noll, Andrea Winkler, Ingeborg K Haavardsson, Maurice Isabwe, Helena Ngowi, Bernard Ngowi, Felix Sukums, Elibariki Mwakapeje, Danica Radovanovic, Iñaki Garitano, Erwan Le Quentrec, Peter Cardellichio, Bjarne Tarjei Haugen, Finn Helge Tolpinrud, Sudhir Dixit, Flora Francis Kajuna
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Status NFR reporting (payment performed)
Interim report
Summary from visit TZ in April
Contributions to health site
Roll-out TZ: technology, agreements
KPI development




Status NFR reporting

Payment for 2017 was distributed in late April, together with a prepayment for those who asked for it. We expect another contribution from NFR right after the summer, thus will be able to cover pre-payment requests for the second half of 2018.

Summary from Global Health conference presentation in April

Josef chaired the session and introduced the topic of "Digital Health as enabler for Digital Literacy and Digital Inclusion". Sara Rivenes from UiO, Erwan and Christine from DigI presented their recent work. A panel discussion followed.

Summary from visit TZ in April

Contributions to health site

Repository for Health Messages Content:

Roll-out TZ

The current situation is as follows:

  • Migoli and Izazi: Vodacom as coverage, Josef is in a dialogue with Christine from Vodacom on the SIM Cards
  • Selela does currently not have 3G coverage. We are in a dialogue with operators to see if one can deploy a 3G spot

Operators are reluctant to provide a specific IPlink to the villages. Thus, the strategy is to ask the operators to "provide 3G", evtl upgrade the network. As this will take time, we follow plan B for Selela:

  • Elibariki will send a list of villages to Josef/Felix, such that we can ask operators if they have 3G coverage out there. If yes, then we redo te effort from Migoli/Izazi

NCA and PATH are interested in collaboration on the phase B villages. Josef will send the presentation, and ask for a prioritised list of villages

Interim report

Danica is finalizing the report. Thanks for all contributions!

Next Meeting

DigI Consortium meeting in June


Maurice invited to a specific session on Global Digital Health

  • a) e-education in Grimstad need more info
  • b) conference in Rwanda

Christine will walk through the ActionItems list and update/pinpoint who needs to do his jobb. Please support her.