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DigI:Field-Visit TZ Feb-Mar2019

Title Field-Visit TZ Feb-Mar2019
Place Iringa
Date, Time 2019/02/28, starting from Oslo 28Feb
Contact Person Christine Holst
Participants Josef.Noll, Felix Sukums, Elibariki Mwakapeje
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the purpose of the travel is to

  • ActionItem: Christine to add the villages to visit
  • ActionItem: Josef to ask Peter Ulanga for connectivity
  • ActionItem: Felix to organise SIM cards from TIGO, Halotel, Airtel(?)

Travel Plans

  • Departure Oslo (28Feb2019 PM)
  • 29Feb2019 - Arrival TZ
  • Visit control cities
  • Visit Migoli & Iringa

Patandi & Open Univ Tanzania

visit Patandi and Open Univ. Tanzania

  • meet: n.n. (HVL)
  • check Internet connection - Patandi connection currently paid by HVL (15 Mio TZS/year)
  • 3 APs (exit - 3 SIM card?) - check on how to reduce costs

- 15 Mio TZS

Arusha (Tone Øderud)

  • 3-16Mar - Arusha - 4students - Open University

Norad, Digitalisation, …

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