DigI:IIT Bombay-DigI collaboration Feb2018

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Digital Inclusion (DigI)
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DigI:IIT Bombay-DigI collaboration Feb2018

Title DigI:IIT_Bombay-DigI collaboration Feb2018
Place ITS
Date, Time 2018/02/04, 1530-1630
Contact Person Danica Radovanovic
Participants Sarbani Banerjee Belur, Danica Radovanovic, Josef Noll
related to Project DigI
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Univ of Dodoma

  • Internet Society - “Connecting 3 schools with community network” - TV white space
  • Wifi hot spots, license for to years
  • equipment secured

Application GENDERNET, 1.Mar2018

Apply as BasicInternet Foundation



  • paper publishing

Harmonizing the KPIs for digital inclusion, education and digital health

  • technology from India
  • network in Africa coming from DigI project
  • provides global perspective for education


  • 2 billion NOK from Norwegian Government
  • educate 1,7 million more teachers, ensure that 19 million children succeed basis school