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Project Proposal for Visjon 2030 hos Innovasjon Norge

Empower People for the Digital Economy

Date: Thursday 26Jan2017, 1400-1600h

Institutt for Teknologisystemer (ITS@UiO)
Gunnar Randers Vei 19, 2027 Kjeller (former: UNIK)

GotoMeeting/phone 216-058-909

Proposal preparation meeting


The Institut for Technology Systems (ITS) of the University of Oslo (http://its.uio.no) is located in the Building of UNIK, Gunnar Randers vei 19, 2027 Kjeller.

By public transport you either take the train to Lillestrøm, and then "whatever" bus going to Kjeller. Closest bus stop is "Forskningsparken (Skedsmo)".
Alternatively take a bus going directly from Oslo to Kjeller. ITS has also an own bus schedules for students coming from Ifi to Kjeller, the schedule is available on http://its.uio.no



We are writing a project proposal for Innovation Norway, answering the Visjon 2030 call. Please spread this information further to those who might be interested. (this page http://inno.BasicInternet.no ).

Main objective:

  • Vi bringer Norske partner sammen for å skape et ecosystem for digital services i Tanzania


  • We create the KPIs for success factors in digitisation of the economy
  • We build on an existing Visjon 2030 infrastructure for digital health
  • We pilot digital empowerment in the areas of education, agriculture, energy and other digital services
  • We prepare for the showcase "Digital Tanzania" as the catalyst for the Sustainable Development Goals 2030

Dissemination goal

  • we build the alliance of IT (Microsoft, Google,..), Telecom (GSMA, Telenor, Amotel, Orange,...), Politics (Ministry of foreign affairs,...) and SMEs to offer the digital empowerment project "Connect the Unconnected" 4.000 villages in Tanzania, see http://CTU.BasicInternet.no

How to

  • Build the ecosystem for Digital Empowerment in Tanzania through
    • A) Education ("lær kidsa koding") - andre? (Torgeir?)
    • B) knowledge of autonomous energy systems (Solklyngen, Ife)
    • C) Education for Agriculture (Yara, Sokoine University)
    • D) Digital services, digital Wallet (Telenor?)
  • Have the pilot implemented in 1-3 villages, who have been empowered through the ongoing activities from Amotel i Tanzania and the Basic Internet Foundation through http://Digi.BasicInternet.no

Through the project, we build

  • meeting places for Norwegian companies, offering their services to developing economies
  • knowledge base, establishing best praxis for education
  • digital connect platform, where developing economies meet support from Norway

Expected Outcome

  • Cost estimate and proposal for the "digital empowerment", leading to "Connect the Unconnected" 4.000 villages in Tanzania http://CTU.BasicInternet.no


Innovasjon Norge has established a call for proposal for Visjon 2030[1]. Our proposal will close the gap from existing activities, focussing on digital health in Tanzania, to the complete digital value chain.

The Basic Internet Foundation and partners have received funding from the Research Council of Norway to build the Digital Health pilots in Tanzania through http://DigI.BasicInternet.no. These pilots will bring digital health information access to health stations in 2 (phase A) + 10 villages (phase B). We are supported by the local mobile operator Amotel, who received governmental funding for connecting 3 villages.

These pilot cities will be extended to form the "digital ecosystem" through the envisaged project.

We work together to prepare for "Connect the Unconnected" 4.000 villages in Tanzania, being a showcase for the Digital Development Partnership of the World Bank[2]

Contributing Partners

The call has a total budget of 20 MNOK, thus a project of 4-7 MNOK might the realistic. Time frame, 2 years (shorter?)

  • Basic Internet Foundation with free access to information
  • Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrøm with network of entrepreneurs and game changers
  • Lær kidsa koding with their focus on digital empowerment
  • IKT Norge (tbc) with ...
  • Ministry of Education in Tanzania (Josef to ask Andrea Winkler)
  • SAIH (tbc) for establishing student partnerships with TZ
  • Ife with their focus on autonomy of energy infrastructures
  • Solklyngen (with 1-2 partners), e.g. "Brighter lamps"
  • Nideco for renewable energy education
  • University of Oslo with 4 PhD studenter som jobber med kontroll av autonome solsystemer
  • PureSCR with the communication platform for sustainable empowerment
  • Amotel TZ with installation of infrastructure and access to digital infrastructure
  • Dar es Salam University - Education Faculty - Business/Entreprenuership School
  • Telenor (tbc) with their digital services
  • Eyenetworks with the platform for digital services

Network aspect, extend education network to

  • agriculture
  • REA energy


  1. http://www.innovasjonnorge.no/no/finansiering/innovasjonsprosjekter-for-visjon-2030/
  2. http://www.worldbank.org/en/programs/digital-development-partnership