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Kebelw Village

It follows the village of Al-Kebio to the Embase unit. The administrative center is located west of Nyala, the capital of South Darfur State which is about (80) km from the state capital. It is administratively affiliated to Kabm locality and the meeting of religion, justice, knights. The population activity is rainfed agriculture Trading: The Kubiu is made up of a group of small villages around the village Alkbeo (mother) Its people are characterized by harmony and cooperation subscriber. Its population consists of about 25525 people

The collaboration is through SAEIYA Animal Production Association. SAEIYA Animal Production Association, Kebeiw Village, Kobom, Southern Darfur, Sudan, in complete coordination with the village’s Social Affairs Office, aims to provide services to its citizens and the members of the association, especially in the fields of social and economic development, awareness and training.

The Association together with the village's social Affairs office, works with not-for-profit organizations and localities to bring in-kind and material assistance to its people and train young people of both sexes as business leaders and agents of change in the new countryside and Localities of Sudan. They implement and manage the projects in the village.

The Association and Social Affairs Office also aims to educate citizens about health, social, economic, cultural, and environmental aspects.

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