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DigI:Meeting Selela Feb18

Title Meeting Selela
Place Selela village
Date, Time 2018/02/15, 0830-1100h
Contact Person Elibariki Mwakapeje
Participants Josef.Noll, Elibariki Mwakapeje, Helena Ngowi, Bernard Ngowi, Felix Sukums, Flora Francis Kajuna, Christine Holst
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See the village, locate spots, and talk to village authorities

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List of Participants

Selela location.png

Meeting led by Village secretary, Elibariki, ward canceller, former outrival officer at the table. Village executive officer, livestock officer and agriculture officer present

Other people from the village

DigI-team Meeting in Selela Feb2018

Notes from the Meeting

Location and staus

Selea details.png

Selela is located in the North of Tanzania, about 50 km north of Mto wa Mbu. The ward has to villages, and to avoid conflicts we should consider to connect the more northern village in Phase B. Electricity is passing the village, but only a limited number of buildings is connected. The Dispensary has electricity, and some houses in the village. Both governmental building and the pub are not connected to the grid. Tigo is the only operator, having a tower on the mountain close by.

The population in Selela has limited formal education, and typically limited school visit. Thus, the site might be well suited for introducing both health information as well as formal education.

The dispensary is some 300-400 m away from the school and the village itself, and build as a house with a roof covering a sitting area, where women were waiting for their consultation. The place is well suited for a hot-spot.

Focus in Selela is on Anthrax. Selela has been pilot village for the one-health intervention, leading to a national programme on one health. Elibariki has coordinated the one-health intervention in 2015, and is well accepted as member of the community. Goals of the 2015 campaign have been on (i) education of households, (ii) taking samples and (iii) minimise the effects of an outbreak.

Potential location of health spot

The assumption is that one 90o sector antenna is well suited to cover the whole village, and allows the installation of several hot-spots. Potential places are

  • Dispensary, as people are waiting for their treatment. Electricity is available, thus phone charging and Wifi operation can take place without solar equipment.
  • Governmental office, not connected to the grid. The secretary has already a smartphone, and can help people in getting information. Solar panel and Wifi needs to be installed.
  • Market place, no shelter available(?). The market place was suggest by local people, in order to include man in the provision of "information for all". On the market place both woman, man and children meet. Need for phone charging, phone sales and assessoirs sales
  • School - needs to be further elaborated. Expected that we need solar panel and Wifi installation.
  • The Pub has a solar cells and battery, and might be a good starting point promoting new business
  • Elibariki will elaborate on the locations

Notes and other considerations

Costs of electricity installation

  • 37000 when part of REA. Challenge: after 3 months REA, hands over to Tanzania Energy,
  • Tanzania Energy installation ~130.000 TZS

Education and health messages

  • Teach children to teach the families and change the behaviour of parents
  • Priority for education. Can free hotspot at school help?
  • Language barrier. Content of video should be in Maasai (Maa, Masei) language. Video showing effect on Anthrax, cycle should be shown. Comment from the village leader: all governmental information is provided in Swahili
  • Can the project provide other medicine?
  • 500 TZS per vaccination Anthrax, up to 700 life stock/animals
  • New governmental law infotainment for vaccination, how can our information campaign support?

Further process

  • Suggestion:list of questions and suggestions which we are answering afterwards