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Figure 1: Migoli, some 180 km North of Iringa at the side of the Mtera Reservoire

Migoli is a fast growing village in the Iringa district, and one of the DigI:Villages. Three hot-spots are available:

In Migoli both Halotel and Vodacom provide 3G networks, with towers being provided right within the village. About 2.5 km east of the village is the Nyerere High School, with 1271 children and 34 teachers (status: Apr2019). Thus, bringing an information spot to the school will allow for education in digital matters.

The teachers were very optimistic about the capabilities of digital education, and even pointed out Internet addresses with content specially designed for teaching the children.

Note: if you know about other content, please drop us a note on BasicInternet.org

Initial installation

Figure 2: Julius Nyerere High School with connectivity mast. Please note the LTE/3G receive antenna at 6 m height, and the sector antennas covering a) the school area and b) the village at 9m height

Receiving the mobile network is not a problem, the regular 3G network is excellent. Though, we decided to install our directive LTE antenna, allowing for an even better signal to noise ratio, and thus higher capacity. An iron pole of 9 m was set-up on the outside of the PC room, allowing the Internet to be directly connected to the PCs in the room. Measures of field strongest indicate that we cover about half of the public space. With one more directive antenna, we will be able to cover the whole space.

On top of the mast are the two sector antennas, located ca 9 m above ground. At this height they look over the trees, as well as over the top of the house. The LTE antenna is located at 6 m.

Extensions August 2019

With two sector antennas, one covering the school area, and the second one pointing to Migoli village, we have the opportunity to establish Wifi information spots almost everywhere. Three local hot-spots (including the health centre and the Nyerere school). Main spot is at the Nyerere School, connecting the computer room. Build on top of a 9 m mast, Internet Link and 2 sector antennas. Done in Aug2019: 3 x 15m cable to connect, Embraco/Key to fix the sector antennas. 1 sector antenna pointing towards Migoli, and 1 sector antenna covering the school area

Equipment includes:

  • (1) Internet Link
  • (1) LNCC
  • (1) 2 Sector Antennas, one pointing towards
  • (3) Point Reception: 1 point reception and local hot-spot at the dispensary, 1 point reception at the governmental office
  • (3) 3 Local Hot-spots: 1 at the school, 2 more requested, 2 hot-spots connected to the point receptions in Migoli

The Dining hall is about 150 m away, to be covered with an extension hot-spot.

Equipment installed and needed

The list of equipment is specified on Nyerere_High_School_Migoli

Equipment provided:

  • village/school platform, evtl school server (tbc)
  • 1 Wifi spot (to be connected by cable to cover the school place and the headmaster office)
  • Embraco, 4 x 15 m cable (for 2x sector antennas, LTE antenna, and Wifi spot), 4 x 6 m cables
  • 1 switch (8 ports)
Figure 2: Equipment for Wifi Network extension

For the installation at the dispensary and the community centre, the set-up is as follows:

  • on top of the 6 m mast comes the directive antenna (see Point reception in Figure 2), pointing toward the Nyerere High School
  • the cable connects via the power-over-ethernet (PoE) device to the local hot-spot
  • the local-hot spot (and the PoE) should be located inside the building

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