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Patandi Teachers College

The Patandi teachers college is located just outside of Arusha. Internet is provided through a mobile bundle, until the national solution is in place.

Connectivity is provided from the Computer room through a sector antenna to the local hot-spots on the Campus. See Implementation Notes for Patandi.

More information about location and equipment are at Patandi Teachers College@Arusha.


  • 14Aug2019 Smile 100 GB package ordered and installed
  • May2019 Equipment with Sector antennas and hots-spots received at Patandi (Lucas)
  • 4Mar2019 Visit Patandi

Notes from visit Day 1: 4Mar2019

Discussing access for the Patandi Teacher College (with Lucas, Arne Jacob, the Head of IT, Cathrine, Flora and Elibariki

Our first day in Northern Tanzania, around the area of Arusha. While Cathrine, and Flora came with our driver Kinyala from SUA and Dar es Salam, Josef took the overnight flight via Addis Abeba and arrived after 17 h travel time at lunch time at Kilimanjaro airport. Meeting Elibariki from the Ministry of Health, we directly headed towards field work, visiting the Patandi Teachers college close to Arusha.

Regarding Internet Access at the Patandi Teachers college, we met Arne Jacob (HVL), Lucas (Patandi) and the Hamida (Patandi, head of IT services). They explained the main challenges:

a) the price of the Internet connection (1.2 MTZS = ~460€/month for a 7 Mbit/s line) and
b) a huge area to cover.
Day 1: Map of Patandi with planned Wifi infrastructure

Our analysis is that the BasicInternet Infrastructure will solve b) by adding sector antennas and dedicated hot-spots. Answering a) the costs of the link, which is about 100 times more expensive than the link I have at home, is not that easy to solve. Given that they have more than 120 users, a solution with just using the mobile network might not be sufficient, as you have a limitation of 10, 30, or 50 GB/month. Just for info: In Kinderdorf we have a usage of about 120 GB per day, with almost the same amount of people.

Though, we might give it a try with a mobile link, until a new negotiation with the operators might success. We might also need the Basic Internet infrastructure for cost sharing. Given that 120 users pay 4 €/month, and that some fixed costs can be taken otherwise, might be a solution. Needs further discussions.

Patandi Teachers College is one of the Villages connected as part of the DigI.BasicInternet.no project