DigI:Summary Digital Tanzania Week

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DigI:Summary Digital Tanzania Week

Title DigI:Summary Digital Tanzania Week
Place Mto wa Mbu
Date, Time 2018/02/15, 1200-1400
Contact Person Josef Noll
Participants Titus Mmasi, Yundus Marmo, Helena Ngowi, Flora Francis Kajuna, Christine Holst, Felix Sukums, Bernard Ngowi, Elibariki Mwakapeje, Josef Noll
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Summary Meeting Tanzania Week


  • Dr Titus Mmasi - District Medical Officer - Monduli
  • Dr Yundus Marmo - District Veterinary Officer - Monduli
  • Helena, Flora, Christine, Felix, Bernard, Elibariki, Josef

Telecom partnership

  • TelCo measures of uptakes of SmartPhones
  • Selela (TIGO),
  • AI Felix: TIGO kiosk


  • AI: Josef to send MoM and thanks letter to CEOs (Specify what we want). Identify person for following up… UCSAF broadband enabling new challenges, new customers, new incentives for business and customer take-up -
    • Dr. Felix Sukums as contact for Telecom, will follow-up locally
    • by 18April we would like to have the infrastructure in place “big opening”
    • by 18April, discussion on “Digital Rural Tanzania”
  • from Pilot to business overall
  • other concepts for digital literacy
  • AI: Josef to sign up for Health Information For All
  • AI: Felix to get info from KioKit from BRCK, and evtl envisage a partnership


  • tablets: Felix will check the KioKit tablets, if not suitable then use 7” standard tablets
  • African supplier: solar cells, converter, battery
  • WLAN infrastructure: 90deg sector & Wifi Hot-spots (Witelcom)
  • local network control center (Miktrotik) + local server (need to be encapsulated) - PoE or power support(?)
  • local installation:
    • Telecom operator (mast)
    • solar company for solar equipment and local hot-spot
  • Procurement: slow and expensive, no quality control, - should come from Norway or local installation company
  • quantities for orders.

AI: Elibariki Selela - Design: how many spots do we need in Selela, and where to place them
AI: Bernard and Felix - Design: how many spots do we need in Izazi & Migori
Proposed location for Installing the hotspots in Iringa rural district are

1. Nyerere High School – all telecom operators
2. Izazi Market /village center – weak Halotel only
3. Migori community center – Highway to Dodoma/Iringa - – all telecom providers
4. Migoli Health Center – all telecom operators


  • higher connectivity, needed for digital take-up?
  • necessary for the PhD project? Yes, higher samples, enough for separation in age group
  • baseline: digital health knowledge
  • Analyse by stratification: age group, gender,

Control villages

Kimande village, opposite of Izazi, very comparable

AI: Helena and Bernard to talk to Goodluck for Phase B villages

Health messages


AI: Helena to send Cysticercosis video link to Maurice/Christine


AI: Bernard to send Key messages for HIV to Christine

Process for MoH acceptance

AI: Bernard to review the questions posted by Christine prior to sending them to approval

  • send the “pre-final” version to health promotion section, involve them in the design
  • final document to be approved

Digital Health messages: Involvement of “acceptance” - review board “health promotion section”

  • satisfy the request from the Permanent Secretary to include other illness

AI Elibariki: ask for priority diseases - digital health information to be included in our platform AI: Felix: design of the platform for digital health

Local health messages for the server:

  • MoH: other preventive medicine: Health sector basket fund, other health messages: facility delivery, completion of child vaccination, family planning
  • Partners with videos (CNTS)
  • ‘’foreseen for the big project’’ - analysis of what has been done, see mHealth Tanzania - 2Mar2018 meeting with Felix


  • free airtime
  • call time (SMS already given)
  • solar power bank (how to distribute?)

Meeting 18April

  • one pilot installation in place? - not really possible, but we should speed up
  • Implementation plan in time
  • Meetings for the big project

Progress/next steps

  • Wifi equipment sent to Felix…
  • Josef: To prepare Specifications and quantities of the equipment per kiosk

White Papers for Donors

Topics for these papers are

Digital Health

Telecom/Rural connectivity

  • New business for UCSAF

Business uptake

  • entrepreneurship in rural
  • “making money in the village” - AI: Bernard to find information

Fostering Rural Broadband project

  • ‘’other name?’’ - Digital Tanzania, Connect the Unconnected
  • Ask Peter Ulanga for support on Focus meetings UCSAF


  • Project extension: 9 months to 30Sep2020
  • Current priority in TZ is on Railway, Harbour, electric power, Air Tanzania > thus need for getting Connectivity and Digitisaton on the Agenda
  • Meeting in April will be on 18-19April2018

‘’’Asante sana’’’ for the good meeting