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Usevya Village

Connect Secondary School, Youth Center and Health Center in collaboration with Usevya Development Society (Eden)

Wishlist for future connectivity (9Mar2020)

For us is Important to have another information sport for the

1. Mbede Sec School
2 Majimoto Secondary school
3.Mamba Secondary school
2. Mpimbwe District Hospital
3. Sokoine University Mizengo Pinda Branch

We are in final stage to prepare implementation documents and Mou to insure payment of Tax for equipment ,to be paid with District Council others payment is for community like bundle .

Everything will be a part to insure sustainability.

Special demand for Internet /WiFi training as teaching equipment

  • 1.pc _projector.
  • 15 Pcs _ laptop for training centre to be own by UDESO
  • 6 pcs _I pad phone for (2 for Sec,1 for Hospital,1 for University and 2 for UDESO .
  • 12pcs android phone (8 for albinism 2 for Police Station And 2 for UDESO)

Info from Eden (17Nov2019)

We have 9 ward, except Usevya. All member from 8 ward they demand Internet.

For this high demand for that population area we look more assistance in order to increase Internet communications in our place.(in Mpimbwe District Council)

High demand from (Kibaoni ward,Mwamapuli,Ikuba,Majimoto,Mamba,Chamalendi,Mbede,and Kasansa Ward.