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WP-I2 - InfoInternet - Content and Apps

Partners in WP-I2

Tasks in WP-I2

TI2.1 Health Application development

  • Objective: This task will establish the apps for health information
  • information pages, apps
  • Expected results: Web page - Health topics (M06), 4 health apps, translation from Web pages (M12)
  • Subtasks:

TI2.2 Creating interactivity for Health Videos

  • Objective: This task will establish a framework for interactivity with the Global Health Media projects
  • Enabling local copy of GHMP videos
  • Making the videos available through an app
  • Creating an interactive framework
  • Establish reporting
  • Expected results: local available videos (M08), Framework for interactivity (M12)
  • Subtasks:

Deliverables in DigI:WP-I2

Working area

Suggestions from Peter: I would be happy to participate in the type of workshop that you have suggested. It seems that people are continuing to report new ways of bringing them to the field; for example,

  • satellite connections using Outernet,
  • Wifi hotspots with Raspberry Pi Zero,
  • Internet in a Box, etc.

Perhaps the best way forward with the workshop would be to start with a ‘virtual workshop’ on a platform like GoToMeeting. That seemed to work very well with our larger group.