Dignio og GravidPluss samarbeid

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Dignio og GravidPluss samarbeid

Title Dignio og GravidPluss samarbeid
Place UNIK
Date, Time 2014/12/01, 0915-1230
Contact Person Jens Espeland
Participants Lisa Garnweidner, Josef Noll, Iñaki Garitano, Jens Espeland, Mirjam Lukasse, Laila Hagen, Lars Andreas Pedersen, Jens Espeland, Håkon Dahle, Erlend Espeland
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Short notes

  • Common understanding on the importance of home-devices to foster care taking
  • Common long-term goals identified related to NORAD, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,...
    • taking advantage of connections to Malawi (Laila), Pakistan, Nepal (Mirjam)

Technical developments and topics

Open issues

  • need to discuss in details a future of the GravidPluss App
  • identify how Dignio's role of care taking and support can be used for GravidPluss follow-on
  • common project ideas (Groruddalen & developing economies)

Action Items

  • done - Josef to invite for a follow-up meeting end of January - Invitation for 29Jan2015 0900-1230@UNIK, Kjeller sent
  • Håkon to follow-up with ForaCare - initial email sent by Josef (as follow-up on Mirjam's mail)

Next Meeting 29Jan2015 0900-1230@UNIK

Agenda is part of the iCal


1. Presentation round the table
2. Presentation Dignio
3. Presentation Gravid+
4. Some details about the Foracare products (callibration, strips etc…)
5. Possible collaboration (customers, hospital/community care, software, privacy.
6. Miscellaneous

End of meeting 12:30h

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