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Experiences from breast melk video creation

Title Experiences from breast melk video crearion
Date, Time 2020/06/19, 1200-14
Contact Person Christine Holst
Participants Josef.Noll, Britt Nakstad, Cynthia Khamala Wangamati, Christine Holst
related to Project RELIGHT
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topics being discussed

As part of the Relight project, we created the breast feeding video. Focus was on helping mothers to start as early as possible with breastfeeding.

-Lesson learned-

  • Important to have a clear idea of what we want to communicate
  • Simple and easy take home messages - 4-5 key messages
  • The document should be well written, and well discussed among peers.
  • The manuscript should be recorded (on a phone for instance) and reviewed thereafter. Very often something looks good on paper, but do not really sound good orally.
  • We should strive to keep the alterations on a minimum.
  • Important to think about clearances and approvals from the MOH in the country where the animations are being showed.
    • The script could be sent to the MOH to start the approval process.

-Why animations-

  • Easy to understand and to follow
  • In a hospital setting, health workers talk to the patients and see a animations on top is strengthening the knowledge

Video source: on owncloud = BasicInternet = presentations

Discussion on Digital Health Strategy for the Center for Global Health CGH@UiO