Research at the University of Lisala

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Research at the University of Lisala

Title Research at the University of Lisala
Place UNIK
Date, Time 2012/04/10, 1200-1500
Contact Person Guy Kamanda
Participants Guy Kamanda, Josef Noll, A. Donat Tebkabe Alomo, Zèphyrin Ligopi
related to Project Nextelco
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Areas for cooperation

Highest priority

  • Built the Engineering and technology branch for University in Lisala in cooperation with CWI Norway and other partners
  • Establish cooperation including the exchange of scientific personnel and students

Other important issues

  • Build the network of Universities for competency exchange
  • .... (Guy to add)

Action Items

  • see handouts



short notes

(personal notes)

5 faculties

  • Science Agronomiques
  • Law
  • Science de eductation
  • Economics and Management
  • Sciences Social,

4 professeurs permanents (+ visiting professors: UK, Kinshasa, ...)

  • 3 chef de travaux, 43 Assistants
  • 672 dont 57 Filles?


  • transformer la competence en innovation and enterprises