HPI-BasicInternet research topics Jun2021

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HPI-BasicInternet research topics Jun2021

Title HPI-BasicInternet_research_topics_Jun2021
Place ITS@Kjeller
Date, Time 2021/06/10, 1000-1200
Contact Person Uli Weinberg
Participants Josef.Noll, Uli Weinberg, Claudia Nicolai, Trixi Gumbel
related to Project BasicInternet
Keywords Connect the Unconnected
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Topics being discussed

The meeting was a continuation of earlier exchanges on a) topics for student work and b) collaborations for bigger projects

We identified the following areas

1. Freemium Model for Access, with free access to information, and premium access to broadband services. Information is described through the envisaged Internet Lite standard, being text, pictures and lightweight protocols. AMP is an example of such lightweight services. One aspect of work is linked to the Internet Lite/Freemium Model, and another aspect to the sustainable connectivity using an affordable OPEX of less than 20 USD/month
2. Building Wireless Information Spots (InfoSpots) with the focus on value creation for the local communities. Such InfoSpots can have the focus on e.g.
Digital Health Promotion (DHP), short videos/animations on health topics, see http://Yeboo.com and http://GlobalHealthMedia.org
Agriculture, see http://DigitalGreen.org
Education - see own bullet
Innovation, e.g. addressing women entrepreneurship in the digital age
Governmental services, e.g. GovStack or the National Knowledge Portal
Energy usage and the uptake of renewable energy in developing economies
3. The educational platform for empowerment: applying microservice architecture from http://GovStack.global to Education
involving European EdTech, Nordic EdTech
generating the school platform for local content provision, empowerment and student involvement
scale-up to the national initiative in Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia
4. Resilient communities in the digital age, what needs to be done to create value for the communities
5. Digital Health Promotion (DHP) as driver for the digital transformation
examples of videos/animations, see http://Yeboo.com and http://GlobalHealthMedia.org

Next steps

  • Claudia and Trixi to think about suitable projects
  • Uli and Josef to identify the strategy for digital transformation ... in Ethiopia, involving Märt and Peter (Nordic EdTech - N8)
  • next meeting 5July2021

Latest info

  • TZ: successful Feasibility of sustainable School Connectivity in Tanzania with 10 schools, now (2021/2022) scaling up to 200 schools, and contribute to the national framework in connecting all 4815 (status: Mar2021) secondary schools. - see School_Connectivity_TZ
    • WorldBank support, UCSAF as driver
  • ET: envisaged large collaboration digital transformation of the educational sector in Ethiopia (see 3), for connecting 3500 secondary schools. Upscale with international partners, e.g. A4AI, BMZ, EE, UNDP, WorldBank, ...
  • KE: connecting 45 schools in Kisumu and Siaya through partnership with DENT Wireless