IEEE-BasicInternet Information Exchange

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IEEE-BasicInternet Information Exchange

Title IEEE-BasicInternet Information Exchange
Date, Time 2021/03/30, 1600-1700
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Kristin Little, Sudhir Dixit, Josef Noll
related to Project BasicInternet
Keywords CTU
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Purpose and agreements

Purpose of the meeting was to exchange contributions on connecting the unconnected, and to create the base for digital inclusion.

We agreed, we need affordable access to information for every single human being – fostering resilient communities and being a catalyst for the SDGs. We will follow up having analysed the material.


Besides the INGR roadmap work, IEEE has relevant input through the Industry Connections program.

It is essentially a space for different players/stakeholders to come together to discuss a given issue and create possible pathways to address it.

From BasicInternet, we’d like to bring attention to the Integrated Approach, addressing

  • Access through the creation of WiFi information spots (InfoSpots) in areas where we don’t have mobile coverage, or mobile broadband data uptake
  • The Freemium model for access, with free access for information, and premium access to broadband services
  • Internet Lite as an envisaged standard, incorporating a set of lightweight Internet protocols such as AMP (previously known as accelerated mobile pages)

As the foundation, we go one step further and promote “free access to information”. And our implementations in Africa show that the concept works.

The other topics we discussed: