IGF Katowice 2021

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IGF Katowice 2021

Title IGF_Katowice_2021
Place InternationalCongressCentre@Katowice
Date, Time 2021/12/06, -13dec2021
Contact Person Catherine R. Kimambo
Participants Josef.Noll, Catherine R. Kimambo, Bernard Lutete, Jane Coffin, Neema Lugangira, Nazar Nicholas, Mactar Seck, Mary Uduma, Ana Rodriguez
related to Project NGINO, BasicInternet
Keywords Internet Lite, Future Internet, Next Generation Internet
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On December 6 - 10, 2021 Poland hosted the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF 2021). The meeting took place at the International Congress Center in Katowice.

It is worth remembering that the UN IGF 2021 does not end on December 10. December 10-12 the IGF After Party will take place - a weekend full of innovative discussions and interesting activities for young programmers from around the world!

see more at the Web page https://www.gov.pl/web/igf2021-en and the twitter https://twitter.com/igf_2021

The BasicInternet booth at the IGF

Catherine Kimambo (BasicInternet, African Child Projects) and Jane Coffin (ISOC) discussing the voice of the Youth

Josef Noll, Neema Lugangira (Member of Parliament Tanzania), Nazar Nicholas (ISOC Tanzania) discussing the path towards a national framework on school connectivity

The Gender Gap presented by A4AI - why free access to information on the Internet is one of the pre-requisites for women empowerment
Agreement with Mactar Seck (UNECA, Director for Economic Affairs) to strengthen the collaboration on digital transformation
Bernard Lutete (Save the Climat) and Josef Noll agreed on the MoU for the Regional Competence Centre in DRC
Catherine Kimambo and Lady enjoying the Christmas Market in Katowice