Implementation Cost231 models

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Implementation Cost231 models

Course UNIK4700, UNIK9700
Title Implementation of Cost231 propagation models
Lecture date 2013/11/26 0900-1200
presented by Josef Noll, Tomasz Obuchowski
Objective Implementation of the Cost231 model as compared to the traditional "free space model".
Learning outcomes Having followed the lecture, you will have
  • established a matlab model for the Cost231 propagation models
  • have established
  • where to apply the models
Pensum (read before)
References (further info) Handouts from lecture Propagation_Models_and_Free_Internet
Keywords Propagation Models, Cost 231

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COST 231, Digital mobile radio towards future generation systems, Final Report, COST Telecom Secretariat, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium, 1999,